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We ask that You Release Your Warrior Angels to protect us from any of the snares or tricks of the enemy!  Protect each and everyon on this call of those present and for all who are joining us in spirit!  Keep us off the radar of the enemy!  What we bring before You is sacred between us and we want it protected from the enemy.  We want to keep ourselves focused on You and our hearts open to hear Your Words into us!  Strengthen us to do battle to help and increase the range of outreach for the Harvest of Souls in our day!

We know Lord the key for the harvest is to come with a humble contrite heart open to repenting in any area of our life where we have failed in struggles to live by your Truth of revelation!  We come repenting of any past failure to spread the Good News and anything that we have done to hinder the spread of the Good News, through fear, anxiety,lack of service and unwillingness to speak the truth!  All that hinders the Harvest of Souls!

Today we place before You the Laborers for the Harvest in our day!

  1. Apostles: men and women who have been anointed to lead us in this present time Protect those who ar called to be examples of the image of Your Son, Yeshua/Jesus! Give them Wisdom in making decisions to lead Your called out ones!  May they have the humility to give You all the Glory and honor and worship!  Lord we ask that You would help u clean House of those who have led us astray and saught their own glory instead of Yours and follow after the riches of this world instead of the riches You offer us!  Let men and women like Dutch Sheets, Che Ahn, John Kilpatrick and others continue to offer their ledership in sacrifice for the Truth of the Good News to sbe spread in our nation!
  2. Prophets: we repent of listening to the prophets of doom and gloom! Those who have falsely led us to believe this and that about the rapture instead of focusing on what we are here for in the harvesting of souls.  We want no more speculations of the mind, but those who truly are under your anointing and have a heart close to Yours!  We place a hedge of orotection around such men and women like Mark Taylor, Bishop Hamond, Brenda & Hank Kunneman, John and Rachel Enlow, Chuck Pierce and others who leadus into the labor You have assigned us!
  3. Evangelists: Lord we seek protection for those who are willing to proclaim Your Word, Your Good News. Protect those who are willing to sacrifice their lives by being living examples of Yeshua-Jesus.  Men and women in our day like Franklin Graham, Greg Laurie , Todd White, Dan Mohler and others!  We seek protection for those who are what we can call street fighters in our day  like Coach Dave Daubenmire and his team, Rusty Thomas, Father Frank Pavone, Alveda King and others who are fighting abortion and the culture of death.  They are willing to bring Light into the darkness!  We are thankful for all who are willing to stir Your church to the awareness of it is not a building! It is us who are here as laborers in the harvest.  Once we repent we are called to spread what we have found in Yeshua-Jesus to share life!  To spread the Light
  4. Pastors: Protect those who are called to nuture us and disicple us to follow Your Son’s example of obedience to do Your Will! Anoint them and protect them in their calling like Mark Biltz, Ernie Sanders, Joe Larson and so many other good men and women who are willing to humbly leave all behind and be one with You in thought, word and deed! Give them Wisdom to follow after the Truth and show others the Way!
  5. Teachers:Protect those who truly know You and are here to instruct us in the ways and means to stand for Truth in our daily walk of Faith. Men and women who have learned through their life experiences to teach we Your people an our children and grandchildren!  Men and women like Larry Nichols, Melissa Leggett, and others by example and words are leading us to take back America with a strong Spiritual Foundation.  Lord we want protection for those who teach our children especially those who are close to our hearts and do not get the recognition they deserve even in our prayers!  Thank You fot the gift of them and their sacrifices!
  6. The Church which is us! Cleansed by the Blood of Jesus! We are Your called out ones! We are called to walk as Jesus-Yeshua walked!  Keep our House clean now and cleanse out those who must repent!  Show them conviction through the Holy Spirit to be in the world but not of it!  As You cleanse our House we will see our land cleansed from all iniquity and corruption!  Lord we know the Harvest has begun and all of us who are of one mind, heart and voice are here as laborers of the Harvest!  We give You honor & praise & glory in this sacred time of bringing souls into the Kingdom! We make our prayer in the Name & Authority of Jesus-Yeshua the Christ/Messiah! Amen!


Repentance brings the Harvest

Everyone who repents becomes a laborer for the Harvest

Time to harvest souls by our thoughts words and deeds of Love for others in need!

Our prayers do reap souls in the Harvest

America is ready to reap its harvest!

America will be rewarded for it its toil in spreading the Good News!

No fear—Reap in Faith!

No despair—Reap in Hope

No hate—Reap in Love

Matt.9/35-38; Luke 10/2; John 4/35 Rev. 14/13



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