Dec 21, 2018

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Heavenly Father,

First of all we cover this call with Your Sacred anointing to make us safe from the enemy and all of his schemes to stop or distract us from being in Your Presence and to keep us from hearing Your Heart and keep us from fulfilling Your Commands for us Your Kingdom Army.  Let chaos, resistance, confusion and unrest stay in his camp and that we be in Peace, Harmony and Unity of spirit in these moments with You!

          We come to You with humble contrite hearts before Your Throne so that Your Kingdom come and Your Will be done here in America and in the nations of the earth as it is in Your Heaven now and forever. Amen. That You rule supreme over the hearts of all men!

          Today, Father we are here to intercede for the land of Israel and its people that the Light of Yeshua, the Christ be spread across the land and that all men recognized how sacred this land is for the Blood of Your Son has been shed there and He graced this land with His Presence and showed us what real love is and how we can live in Peace and Harmony with one another if only we believe and die to ourselves take up our cross and follow Him!  May all the people of Israel, those who have returned to its land as the prophets of old have declared that they will be returned.  That it has become a nation in spite of all the evil forces that try to destroy it even to this day.  That Your Plan is being fulfilled as Your Word declares it and Your prophets of our day like Kim Clement, Mark Taylor and others have said Israel is forever and America will stand with Israel and we will be blessed for doing so!

          First of all Father we seek forgiveness for any form of defilement that is in us in regards to hate or despisement  or resentment or resistance toward Your People whom we call Jews be broken off of us.  Lord, forgive us for the long history we as Your followers of Yeshua have had in our generational background or in our blood lines! That even those we have honored as saints, leaders, teachers, instructors and those having authority in our assemblies/churches have written and taught that we are to despise and hate the Jew like the early church fathers and through the centuries others both of Catholic and Protestant traditions>  Forgive us for allowing such prejudice to rule in our hearts because it was not just the Jews that put Your Son to death but it was sin in the Romans and all of us wo have lived in darkness that caused Yeshua to die so that we might be saved and given new life, new life abundantly.  Thank You, Father through the Holy Spirit for opening our minds and hearts that Jeshua was a Jew and that our roots for the Faith and Truth are based in these Hebraic roots.  Father, we recognize it is in us that the change is made so that as Your Apostle Paul has written we have been grafted into the People You chose long ago to bring forth the Messiah!

          Lord we say bless all those who call themselves Jews and are of any of the lineage of the 12 tribes of Israel.  May those living in this sacred land and nation we call Israel know and believe in Your Son, Yeshua, the Messiah and allow Him to reign in their hearts. That Arab and Jew and any other people can live in Peace the Peace of Jerusalem that you have commanded us to pray for.

          Father we intercede for all of the leadership of the nation of Israel, Prime Minister Netanyahu, the Kenneset and all those who have governmental roles in Israel as Judges, Mayors and other public officials. That America and Israel can be with one another as our President Trump has become and the influence that it has on other nations to see and align themselves with Israel and proclaim that Jerusalem is its capital. Lord we proclaim over Israel that this land be not divide as You have declared in Your Word.  There be no two state  division of the Land!  That true Peace reign in the hearts of all who live in Israel and all those who would bring evil into this land be stopped and driven out by the Hammer of Justice that You Father have place in the hands who have proper authority to lead and govern the land of Israel!  We proclaim as Your Prophet has taught us to shout Israel is forever!

          Father, You have stated in Your Word that has a Promise attached to it: those who bless Israel will be blessed and those who curse it will be cursed.  We know this to be true!

It is in this sacred land that Your Son walked and performed miracles and instructed in us in the most important Commandments to love You, Father with all of our strength, might and all that is within us and to lve our neighbor as ourselves!  This land is sacred to You for it is here that Your Son gave up His Life as living Sacrifice to You and that His very Blood was shed on this ground!  May Your Will be done from Israel to America and every land that proclaims Yeshua, Your Son as Lord, Messiah and King of kings!

          Father, we proclaim and declare over the land of Israel that all those who hate and plot and scheme to kill steal and destroy in this land be stopped by Your Mighty Angels and that the prayer of Your Son spoken on this land be fulfilled now in our day! That we may be one as You and Your Son are one in the Unity of the Holy Spirit! Amen!

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