Oct 14, 2019

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Heavenly Father,

Keep us under the shadow of Your Wing as we gather before You to express our concerns this day and the burden on our heart for our children, especially our children here in America, but also other nations that face similar circumstance!  Lord children are Your great gift to us, and we want to repent of how we have in so many ways been negligent of that responsibility.  Lord as the Holy Spirit convicts us to repent we see a real turn around in regard to caring, nurturing and mentoring our children in our homes as well as taking care of their education.  Lord forgive us for being lazy or showing lack of concern and interest in the education of our children.  Lord for too long we have just been too dependent on the government to take care of this issue.  Lord forgive us for taking on an attitude of socialism: let the government take care of everything.  Lord we are here to take back our proper role and influence in what is to be taught to our children at whatever level they are or in what form we use to educate them.

As we bring forth these prayers keep us off the enemy’s radar and scramble his frequencies as Lord, we want to be clear in our thinking and attitude before You!  Lord for too long we have given the devil a power and authority he really does not have but we have been duped to believe it.  Lord he is not a god like You, he cannot create, he is not all powerful or all present as You are.  How foolish we have been to imagine and listen to those who stand in awe of him and fear him and think of him as powerful as You are.  O Lord we know that You have angels all around us to defend us and protect us from any of the schemes and plots of evil to stop the spread of the Kingdom.  Lord You are on Your throne and there is no other that we worship, praise, honor and love.  In this moment we shout out Praise to You, Father in the Name of Your Son, Jesus the Christ!

Father this day we are concerned about our children and their education.  We are here Lord to proclaim we take back that which is rightfully ours and we here to voice our concerns to those we have depended on to teach.  Lord, Your Scriptures/the Bible are an important part of teaching our children and we were foolish not to protest when it was taken out of the schools.  We are even foolish to allow those who are ungodly to be in charge of the whole education system that America has accepted!  Lord, even our leaders in our assemblies have been too politically correct to speak out and guide us to stand for truth!  Lord we proclaim right now that this is to stop.  We have had enough of those who are so blind to the truth to be our teachers who influence our children to be in darkness instead of Light!  Lord that this whole system will fall, and a new righteousness arise among us to take back our position as mother and father who raise our children according to Your Plan and in Your Kingdom as true children of Your Family!

Father, we ask that You continue to bless and encourage those who are called by the Holy Spirit to do a “new thing” for our family life.  Lord that the use of the home gathering movement will truly be a means to hold the land we have taken for the Kingdom of God by Your Prayer Army.  That out of this will also arise even opportunities to home school or form schooling situations that parents will truly have say as to what is given to our children as education.  Lord there is so much potential to give us the courage to be willing step forward and do our part as parents.  Lord as You are bringing healing to our land make us more aware of the authority You Son has given us to teach and make disciples of our families and all those who You place in our path to instruct or mentor.   Lord we know we can make a difference because we have the Holy Spirit in us and You are the God we worship in spirit and truth.

Lord it is such a blessing to be alive here and now that You have placed in our hands the ability to change the world and pierce the darkness with Your Light that shines bright within us.  No matter how small we may feel or seem even to be outnumbered we are Yours and You show us the way in which we are to walk and because of Your Strength we can do all things in Christ Jesus Your Son and our Messiah.  Lord we are here thank You for leading us to victory and to destroy the system we have been captive too for so long.  No more, Lord we are free and have Your blessing and strength to bring Your Kingdom come your Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.  Amen 

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