Jul 19, 2018

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Heavenly Father,

We come to You with repentant hearts.  Just like the Prodigal son we should have never left home, but we wanted to find out on our own what the tree of knowledge offered. We had to learn the hard way what You wanted for us was best from the beginning.  Your love for us gives us all we need purpose, meaning and value! As You say: this is my Beloved upon whom My Favor rests!

Father we repent of all the times we have chased after the lusts of this world instead of reaching out to You.  You have always loved us but we have always wander to a far off distant country.  But Father, through our repentance we have been restored.  Once considered dead but now alive and new creature in Yeshua, Your Son and our Redeemer!  Thank You Father for Your warm embrace and restoring us to our original value as Your beloved son and daughter.

Father, we are here now to stand in intercession for Your child America.  You are exposing the sin and corruption and the taking of our inheritance squandering it in a far off country.  Awake even more of us to realize repentance always restores all that was lost or stolen or left behind because of loose living.  Now Lord because of repentance You are giving us a second chance and we are on the path of returning to Your Fatherly destiny for our nation! A light among the nations.

Thank You, Father, for giving us President Trump as a sign of your great care for us.  So Lord we place a shield of protection around him his family and all those who serve under him.  Thank You that now we can say we are for Life and live by rules and laws based on our Constitution and biblical principles.  Thank You for allowing him to realign our Supreme Court and other judicial appointments as has been prophecied to us.  Father continue to raise up good men and women who will hold office to lead this nation on the Agenda You have instilled in their hearts.  Thank You for the cleansing that is taking place in the church and the government and the removal of all those who block Your will!  Thank You, Father for the miracles as they unfold before us.

We stand with Yeshua and proclaim as He did: Repent for the Kingdom of God is in your midst. Thank You because repentance is restoring us on all levels of our lives together from our house to the White House!  Thank You for washing us red by the Blood of Yeshua, Your Son and our Messiah!

Lord we stand in the gap to bring repentance into the lives that are caught up in the lusts of sexual perversion in all its forms from sex trafficking to sexual insanity lifestyles. We say with Yeshua Repent for this is to fall before the Kingdom of God!  It is time to change now and to cleanse our nation and other nations of this filth!  Awaken Your Church to cry out and stand against all that is immoral and what You hate as an abomination!

Lord, Your Holy Spirit is revealing and exposing corruption, bribery sedition and treason.  We know is a time to confess sins and return to a true walk of Faith!We trust Your protection of us as we battle to bring this nation back  and win the heart and soul of America!  Thank You , Father for loving us as Your children and sealing us with Holy Spirit as Your Army.  We are Your Strike Force of Prayer Warriors and we say: Here we are, send us!

We pray in Yeshua’s name Amen!

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