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Heavenly Father,

We come to You as Your repentant children, knowing full well You love to hear from us each time we talk with and walk with You.  During this time, we are with You, keep us off the enemy’s radar.  Keep these lines of communication open and free from any interference or distractions or distortions that come at us.  Lord keep off these lines anyone who is against what we are doing here as Your Warriors right now and into the future.  Lord, put a stop to anyone who is used by the enemy to betray Your work in and through us.  Put Your Protective Shield around us so that no strategy or offense of the enemy may harm us or stop us from fulfilling You call on our lives as spread Your Kingdom here, there and in the air!

Father, You have had us pray against the evil spirit of murder in our land and now Lord we seek to intercede against anyone who plots and plans to restrict our freedom to bear arms as a means of protection during evil aggression pf the enemy and his dark forces who attempt to harm our children, our homes, our neighborhoods, our towns and cities, our work place, our places of worship of You, our government, our nation as the United States of America!

Father, block all the words and ideas that are promoted during a moment of tragedy and pain to take us off focus of how You want us to respond.  That as citizens of this nation we have the right to seek and promote the Truth the whole truth and nothing but the Truth no matter who it exposes or offends.  We declare that the Truth sets us free and we have the Gift of the Holy Spirit, who gives us discernment in times of confusion and unrest to up hold the Truth!

Father, through Your Son, Yeshua, we have all authority and all that we need by the Holy Spirit to stop and declare Unity in Prayer, Voice and Vote to properly use firearms and the means of defending ourselves during time of conflict, aggression and darkness against all the isms that are promoted from communism, socialism, liberalism, jihadism, hedonism and any other idea or mindset that destroys or comes against our Unity of America’s people!

Father, we declare and decree a special protection for President Trump and all those who are working with him to break down and overturn laws or restrictions on our freedoms here in America!  Lord especially protect our good leaders, men and women, called upon at this time to stand for Justice and the fulfillment of the laws and statutes that our based on Your Law and order as found in the Sacred Scriptures!

Father we have the example of Your Son, Yeshua of what true love is: a denying ourselves, seeking forgiveness through repentance of our sins of selfishness and any thoughts of the mind that promote evil in any and all its forms.  Lord, we stand firm in the Faith, that You have created us in Your Image and that we have great value in Your Sight as we are washed clean by the acceptance of Your Son, Yeshua and all that He has done for us.  We claim His blood to cover America and wash away by repentance all hate, murder, anger, revenge, jealousy and evil intent in our hearts and minds.  Lord that America will be a land of freedom and worship of You our Creator & Lord of Salvation.  We pray in the Mighty Name of Yeshua the Messiah and Lord, Amen!

Father, now listen to the continuing pleas and intercession of my brother and sisters, Warriors in Your Army, whom You have called for such a time as this.  As we remember what Esther did for her people.  We now too speak out, men and women and children speak out for our people!


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