Apr 27, 2021 | Prayers

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Attended the movie “Uncle Tom” about black conservatives by

At the meeting met leadership of Pierce County Republicans and they said they

are trying to find ways to get church leaders to get more involved politically!

The 501c3 issue came up and of course we know what President Trump did

to that!  But still people in church are afraid to get involved politically!

Do you know politics is of God!  It is our civic duty as Kingdom of God agents to get

involved politically?  Who did the prophets of God go to? Kings if that is not a

political happening what Scripture are you reading!

We need to be politically involved at every level that is why USA is in the state it is

with jackals, clowns and dead beats in positions of government!

Remember in the USA a government official elected or appointed is still working for


Call to Prayer with the Shofar!


Heavenly Father,

what a privilege to come to You and call You ABBA/Daddy! It is all because of what Your Son, Yeshuah/Jesus has done for us though His life, death and Resurrection!  During these days we are in remembrance of this glorious event.  Yes Lord, the event that changed our history to make us free.  Free from sin and all the inclinations of evil if we give our hearts to you by repenting and changing our life by thought word and deed to the imitation of Your Son! Praise You Father for now we are Holy as You are Holy!  By the Blood of Your Son, Yeshuah/Jesus we are made holy—set apart for You!  We are sacred and special in Your Eyes because we are covered by His Holy Sacred Blood!  How


awesome!  Lord what a privilege to know how valuable we are to you, everyone of us who are here gathered in Your Presence!  Lord the life that flows through us is the life You have given us.  How sacred this life is to us and every child, every person is sacred and matters to You!  All life matters!  All people matter!  All believers in Yeshuah/Jesus matter! Lord we proclaim and decree Life is sacred and matters so Lord we are here to protect it from the unborn to the elderly and those this day who will be called to come to You and be covered by the Blood of Yeshuah/Jesus to be Your People living the Kingdom life here on earth til the day You come again!

Father, we are here to get politically involved to take back our nation and to be civic minded in acting out our Faith!  Yes, Lord we are here to pray but without works it dies!  So Lord we are here send us to move out of the pews and our comfort zone to be used to spread the Good News to all that You bring before us today! Lord even if we feel weak  You make us strong!  Even if feel fearful or scared our Faith brings us through it all! For we can do all things in Christ Jesus! We know it is true that greater is He that is in us than he that is in the world! We have chosen You Father to serve and we are ready to stomp on the head of the devil the father of lies, who only comes to steal kill and destroy! Let Your Holy Fire burn within us so we will use our tongues, our talents and all we are given from You to spread the truth and to fulfill what Jesus told us to do: heal the sick, raise the dead comfort the sorrowful and help the need especially the widow and the orphan!  Yes, Lord here we are use us as You will!

Father, we release Your Holy Fire upon the government of this nation.  That there will be a purifying of all those who are called to serve us!   We intercede that our Congress and Senate repent for the cowardly way in which they have allowed the jackals, clowns and deceivers take control! Lord let the fires of revival come alive among us so that as the prophets have spoken President Trump is to be in office for his second term.  Let I be today Lord! May the righteous continue to push forward the truth of the election fraud and let it be overturned today.  We declare in Jesus that President Trump will continue to lead America and the nations to stop all of the Luciferian plans to conquer the world and make mankind its slave! That Your Will Father be here on earth now as it is in heaven.  That which has been built on a lie cannot stand!  That which is not of the Spirit must come to naught in this very hour! We declare our United States of America is under Justice and law and order rules in every part of our nation.   Not only here Lord but with


nations who are calling out to You! Father, You have great plans for us!  This is the time to take out those who want darkness and let the Light shine here in our midst!  In this moment Father we give thanks for Your loving kindness endures forever and that which You have Promised is here for us today! Amen and Alleluia!

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