Sep 4, 2019

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Heavenly Father,

We come before You to humbly follow Your Commands and Will for us!  Father strengthen our Faith in You and in spite of our weakness make us true defenders of righteousness and protectors of children and care for all You have placed in our hands this day.  Lord, Your Son has shown us the path to destruction is wide, but the path of life is narrow so Lord be our Light to our feet that we will walk the narrow path and walk in the blessings You have planned for us.  Lord we chose blessings over curses.  We choose You O lord to worship and no other strange gods before us as Joshua proclaimed, we say with Him as for our house and family we choose to follow You!

Father in our walk to follow You keep us off the enemy’s radar and scramble his frequencies so that we ar under the shadow of Your Wings and only attentive to Your Voice and the guidance of Your gift of the Holy Spirit who we know as our Advocate and Comforter in every situation we encounter. Thank You for the Holy Spirit who is our sacred companion best friend we could ever ask for.  O God we give You thanks and praise for this wondrous Way You have given us!  We are so valuable to You and You have shown us great Love through Your Son’s Sacrifice  that now we want of be a living sacrifice for You in all You ask us to do for Your Grace is sufficient for all we face in bringing and spreading Your Kingdom here and throughout the earth!

Father we are here in a repentant attitude so that the mistakes of the past will be left behind and we now face a bright future which no one can take from us.  Lord we are thankful that You have anointed America a President in Donald Trump with the spirit of David to lead us and have place in his heart Your agenda to make America return to its foundation of being a nation under the banner of the Love for You the only Living and True God!  Continue to protect him and guide him by the Holy Spirit to us his talents and fighting spirit to bring righteousness and Justice to our land and its people.

Lord during these days when there is the heat of turmoil of those who are in throes of defeat and destruction keep us calm and well centered on You.  We trust Your Plans as spoken through Your true Prophets of Mark Taylor, Hank Kunneman and others will come to pass in fact Lord our very prayers are spoken in a prophetic proclamation to bring forth from Your Heavenly Court the Justice that is now being brought into the land!  Lord that those who are corrupt will face the consequences of their treasonous acts and that we will see the words Lock them up be brought to pass.  We proclaim as Your prophetic word has been spoken that all of the past of even those who have led us will be abolished and destroyed so that Your people will be free and as Jesus was anointed that the captives will be set free and the wounded will be healed.  Thank You Lord for letting us be in the time to see it all come to pass now!

Father, in obeying You, you have places before us blessing untold and as You have placed on the lips of President Trump we are here to win.  We proclaim the victory You have before us that we will see our Supreme Court filled with the men and women of righteous and those who are corrupt and wrongfully chose will be taken down now!  We proclaim Justice will prevail and decisions that have been brought forth by those who have been corrupted by the bribe and all other manner of evil influence will be reversed and the innocent will walk free and Your people rejoice that what we have longed for will happen in our day.

Lord we proclaim a cleansing of our shepherds in our assemblies of worship.  That those who are exposed who wearing sheep clothing but really wolves and false shepherds will face You and the wrath You have for them.  Lord for even Your Son, Jesus proclaimed it is better that a mill stone be around their neck for those who abuse Your children and tossed into the depth of the sea.  Lord that we will drive from our assemblies any false worship and expose those who are deceivers and like Judas steal from the funds of tithing and offerings of Your people.  Lord we are here to bless the widow and the orphan and the poor and needy whom You have assigned us to help.  We are here Lord to serve others before our selves.  Lord we follow the words of Jesus deny ourselves and take up the cross and follow Him to be a living sacrifice on the Altar of Love now and for all eternity. Amen.

Father bless Your Warriors gathered here now and those who are with us in the spirit for we know You hear us and unite Your heart with ours.  Keep us in Your Strong Grip as we are Yours and no other’s.  We give Your all the Glory, Honor praise and Thanksgiving for You are such a loving Father and Your Son, Jesus has shown us how much You love us and now the Holy Spirit is here to fulfill what You have planned.  Amen and Alleluia!

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