May 27, 2021 | Prayers

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Do your know that Jesus was a Jew? That He was considered a Rabbi? That He lived
out the Torah in a perfect way? That He was without sin? That He did not feel
as we feel in weakness and fear? None of those things were in Him! The Holy
Scriptures tell us He was made sin for our sake! He did not come to fulfill man’s
idea of a Messiah He came to fulfill His Father’s Will!

When He came the Jews were looking for Messiah of strength and power to make them
free from Roman control. The leaders of Israel at that time had total control and
they were the ones who would approve of you if you were to be the Messiah!

Jesus was very much a political person as He challenged the authority of that time as
well as the spirit of religion! He spoke with authority that no one had ever heard
before! He never backed down in speaking the truth! He was always open
hearted/ unconditional to everyone He encountered! Look at incidents in the
Gospels to see more clearly what He was like!

The Sacred Scriptures are for us to know God intimately not just about Him but to
have a personal relationship with Him. A noted Scripture scholar taught that
there are two words we can be sure were on the lips of Jesus: Amen! & ABBA!
Amen: it is so or it is true! ABBA: affection child’s approach to their father:

Do your daily meditating and reading of the Sacred Scriptures under the guidance of
the Holy Spirit and you will draw closer to Him as He draws closer to you!

Blow the shofar for prayer!

Heavenly Father,
we bless Your Holy Name! We give You all honor, praise and Glory in a spirit of
thankfulness for all that You have done for us and are doing in this very moment. Even in our weakness You are in us to make possible what is impossible to us! You have created us to be a vessel to carry Your Love and Your Presence in this world and no matter how dark it
becomes or how strong the enemy looks You are still the One True God and nothing is more powerful than You and no man can stop what You are doing in this age! We are so grateful for the prophets You send us to speak words of what You have planned for us. We truly stand firm in our trust of You and all that You Promise You will fulfill! Even in this hour, this time Your Will still prevails and we want what You want! We are grateful for the anointed You send us in this hour. So we walk by Faith and not by how we feel, especially when we feel broken or lost, for by Faith we please You and we then have boldness to follow as Your Son has taught us to live: denying our selfish ways and like Him take up our cross to follow Him! Lord, we are here to do Your Will!

Because of the authority of Your Son, we boldly declare the binding of the demonic
spirits that roam our nation that cause hatred, division and rebellion! Lord we are here to
take back what has been lost! To take back our election of President Trump! To take back all
that he was able to do in his leading us by the agenda You put in his heart to do for America
and really the nations of the world! We see Your Mighty Hand at work as the prophets have
told us this is the time of the corrupt loosing power and that there is a change coming that
will show us Your awesome plan that will stop the deep state and its Luciferian plot to
enslave us! Lord we say let Your Holy Fire consume those who will not repent and turn back
form their selfish ways of destroying America and the freedom we have in Christ Jesus for He has set us free and we are free indeed!

Father Your Words are that You will avenge those who spill our blood! So Lord we say
abortion is stop now! All those who promote it and support will reap Your Justice in their
lives, if they want to live under the curse so be it, but as for us Lord we want Your Blessing for us all life is sacred whether it be in the womb where You have formed us or in advanced years of walking in Your Presence! Lord death is not of You, but Life and Life abundantly. We are here Lord to speak that all life matters for You have created it to be so from the beginning as You spoke over creation after looking over all You have created to say: It is good, but better still “it is very good!” Lord continue to raise up the righteous in each generation to continue to live according to the Torah You have given us and we here in America have a heritage of Faith that truly says what You have written in the Scriptures to live by is how we sere started and want to continue! We draw back from the edge of destruction and seek to walk in the way You have planned for us as Jeremiah said: You have planned future and Hope for us!

So Father as Paul has written and taught us we know that all things work out for those
who Love You! That even in these days when we are in the struggle to take back that which is stolen and cheated You will prevail and good will come out of this according to Your
Purpose! Lord let the dominoes fall as the truth is revealed and those who have lied and
cheated may panic and run but they cannot hide from Your Justice! For we know and stand
firm what the prophets have spoken that it will come to pass this day and we will rejoice in
it! For it is all for Your Glory! Praise You Father!

Now Father continue to hear my brothers and sisters as we call out to You and
proclaim Your Name during these sacred moments we are assembled together for we are here in the name of Jesus the Christ in unity of the Holy Spirit! It is so! Amen!

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