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We come before you in humility and with contrite hearts!  Release Your Protective Warrior Angels to defend us as we Praise and Worship You and speak Thanksgiving for all of Your Blessings to us!  Protect this group of Prayer Warriors gathered here in Yeshua/Jesus’ Name!  Silence the enemy’s hearing and blind the enemy’s vision and confuse their camp so that they are unaware of the battle plans You give us! Give us boldness of Faith to run to the battle and retake what has been stolen and move forward in spreading the Kingdom!  That we fight with Divine Hop in our hearts that You Victory is our in the days ahead!

Father, as we gather today we bring before You our Veterans & Law Enforcement!  Bless them for their humble choice to serve this nation under God with freedom, liberty & Justice for all!

On this special day of recognition for all of our veterans, we beseech You to bestow on them healing of all their wounds physically, mentally and spiritually.  These men and women are our true heroes because of their self-sacrifice You have continued to protect and bless America! In our gratitude for their service we want to boldly proclaim through Faith that we will serve and care for their needs!  Veterans and Law Enforcement deserve honor and respect!  We repent of any abuse that they have suffered through neglect!  We repent of the disrespect of their courage they have shown during difficult times!  The disrespect shown towards are nation’s flag and other signs of  who we are as a nation we say stop now as we proclaim Your Name Lord Jesus over all of America!

Heavenly Father we are grateful we have a President that honors and respects our veterans and Law enforcement by re-establishing proper care and concern for their needs!  Each day as we move forward may we re-assure them of our care for them. We touch all of our wounded with the Healing Love of Jesus the Christ so that the scars they have suffered for us may be healed!  That the loss of limbs and damage mentally from the experiences of war that they carry with them

will be made whole!

Father we want to express our thankfulness and gratitude for all of these men and women, who often remain silent for all that they have done for America, may they be aware that our love and concern for them is real!

Lord there are so many who are forgotten and left alone, but we know You know who they are and so we ask You to bless & protect them!  Lord the names are too numerous to mention now but now we intercede for them and ask special blessing on them all!  We ask this in Jesus Name! Amen!

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