May 9, 2021 | Prayers

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Points to Ponder:

America is a Christian Nation and has been since the first settlements!

The revisionist history is dumbing down our children and filling us with lies!

As Mark Taylor says: research and learn what the truth is about anything you

want to know!

One of our cherished Heritages is calling for days of Prayer, Fasting & Repentance!

Just look at our Presidents that have called for Prayer especially during any

time of crisis.  To have this special day every year was set in place finally by

Ronald Reagan!

So we of the Strike Force of Prayer gladly stand with all Americans on this day!


Call to Prayer with the Shofar!


Heavenly Father,

on this day Father we unite as a nation to beseech You to hear our humble and contrite hearts as we approach Your throne to bring healing into our land and bring forgiveness to us for our sins of the past and the present that have cursed and limited this nation in fulfilling Your Perfect Will for us!

First of all Father we seek forgiveness as we repent of the sins of our nation:

  1. Abortion: the murdering of our children before Baal! We renounce it and proclaim we All Life matters!
  2. Slavery : in the past and any form of it in the present! We proclaim that all men are created equal and are free to worship You and live under Your protection for Your Son, Yeshuah has set us free and we are free indeed!


  1. Racism: we repent of all forms of abuse, hatred and deeds of prejudice against any of our brothers and sisters in this land whether they be native Americans or immigrants.
  2. Sex Trafficking and other forms of abuse; we repent of either knowingly or unknowingly participating or ignoring the truth of this abomination. Lord, we seek Justice brought to bear on all those who have been apart of this no matter who they are whether politician, or in authority in any place and especially in our houses of worship and forms of ministry!  Lord forgive us for we are hypocrites if we say we love You and yet allow this to exist in our land or in any nation!
  3. For us to be fearful and to keep silent when we need to speak up and share the Gospel and the Truth that sets men free!  Lord forgive us for being silent and hiding in out churches when we need to be more courageous and bold to us our voice.  Lord let Your Holy Fire burn with in us as You did with Your Prophets of old to tell those who govern us No more lies, no more deception, no more cheating and stealing for we are a Nation of law and order and we have a covenant with Your God that our land is dedicated to You and our people are free to worship You in spirit and truth without any government intervention or blocking us from our free speech! That the truth is not muffled or hidden by any media or any form of persecution or slander!


Father on this day we proclaim as Your prophets have spoken that President Trump returns to office and the agenda that You placed in his hands to accomplish is renewed and strengthened now!  We proclaim that we are here Lord to bring it to pass as we stand in Faith and trust You to fulfill the Promises You have made to us.  As You have done in the past so it is true Now and forever!

Father on this day we proclaim our nation is Yours so use as You Will for we our Your servants and Your Army to bring forth Your Kingdom now as Yeshuah said: “The time has been fulfilled the Kingdom of God has come so repent continuously and believe the Good News!”  We do! Amen & Alleluia!

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