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Given on 1st Conference Call 6/1/17

Dear Heavenly Father,

We humbly, but boldly come before Your throne of Grace.  Father, I ask that You would bless everyone under the sound of my voice that You, Father, right now , bring each person on this team together in unity!  We declare that we are of one heart, one mind and in accord for Your Glory!  Lord, we decree and declare that the Strike Force of prayer is not about one man or one woman, but it is about You and Your Kingdom, Lord Jesus! It is about taking ground for the Kingdom of God and holding it at all costs.  Lord, we declare that we will not operate in a spirit of competition, jealousy, or pride, but a spirit of love, honor and respect for one another! Father, I pray that this team will be tuned into the frequencies of Heaven.  Father, I ask that You would light a Holy Spirit fire inside each person, to complete that which You have started in the spiritual realm to change America and the entire earth.

Father, I ask that you would anoint, Michael as the head authority over this national prayer call, and the commission You have given him to lead the Strike Force of Prayer on the battlefield of righteousness.  Lord we decree and declare that we will respect and honor the authority that You have placed over us in Michael, as the leader of this prayer movement.  Lord I as for the 7 fold spirit to be upon each team member to lead, guide and direct each of us in this battle!  Father, we decree and declare that the Strike Force of Prayer will operate in an offensive mode, not a defensive one, and we will take the fight to the enemy, to push back the kingdom of darkness with Your Light!  Father, we decree and declare that we will seek You first for the strategies and tactics to defeat the enemy, and we will loose the plans of Heaven on the earth!  Father, Your Kingdom must come now,  Your Will be done right now as in the Heave also on earth!  In Jesus’ Name! Amen!

N.B. It is recommended that each team member pray this prayer before we enter together the prayer time in our Team Prayer Call!  Putting on the full armor of God and wearing it proudly is essential for all prayer warriors to be ready to defeat the Kingdom of God’s enemies!  Each member’s personal prayer and relationship with our Father is the fuel we need to be prepared for the fight we wage!  God bless us all for we are covered by the Blood of Jesus and the personal friendship with the Holy Spirit!



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