May 6, 2021 | Prayers

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PONDER POINTS: Sacred Scriptures or the Bible!

God gave us the Sacred Scriptures to come to know Him, not just find out

about Him!  The Scriptures are God’s Love letter to us, so we can draw

closer to Him!

Don’t worry if you are unable to memorize Scriptures or fail to quote them

correctly. Just read and meditate on the Word that is what God wrote

to us!

What about translations? There are so many new ones just ask the Holy Spirit

to guide you to the right one.  As example one new translation is the

Passion.  Kevin Zadai said it reminded him of His time with Jesus when

he died and was with Him! To love the Scriptures is what is important

we are in age to be blessed because the Holy Spirit is leading us to find

more scholars whose life work is to know God!

Take time to read with the influence and guidance of the Holy Spirit for He will

Reveal ALL Truth!

Blow the Shofar for prayer!

Heavenly Father,

we come into our Presence to worship and praise You! We want to draw closer to Your Heart!  We ave seen Your Mighty works and have learned through the Scriptures of Your wondrous deeds and even now we have seen them in our day!  We have so much to be thankful for but most of all we want to draw closer and completely trust You with our life and to follow and obey Your Perfect Will for us now and for all eternity!

Father we bring to You the thoughts that are on our hearts in these days. We know You listen and embrace us with Your Loving Kindness for it is true because we have embraced Your Son, Jesus/Yeshuah as our Lord and Messiah!  Your Promised 


Messiah that was established from the beginning of all creation!  We know that no matter what we face we can do all things through Him!  Even to know that through our weakness we are made strong because of Him!  Lord You are so awesome so we have nothing to fear for You have given us a spirit of a strong mind and the power of love to overcome anything in this life!  Thank You, Lord!

Father one of our concerns here in this land of America we have heard the words of Your Prophets about President Trump to be in office soon!  We know he is Your anointed and so we proclaim with the prophets he is our President to finish his assigned agenda that You place in his heart.  We seek Lord that You turn his face toward the return to office!  That no one can stop what You have ordained to be  so we stand firm in proclaiming that what You have Promised will be fulfilled in this day!

Shin forth Your Glory let the Mighty rushing Wind of the Holy Spirit bring in that which is planned for us now!

Father, we look to Your Holy Fire to purify us and our land so that we might serve You and fulfill the destiny that You have written into our hearts! We are here to do Your Will! Lord purify our worship of You in all of our assemblies that we may please You not to make us feel good but that You are honored and pleased.  What Your Son has taught us to worship You in spirit and truth that be alive even in this moment when we are gather here in Your Presence!  Lord, we seek as You have written in Your Word, that purification begins in Your House of Prayer!  Just as Your Son chased away the money changers let that happen in our houses of worship!  Lord weed out those who lead because of selfish gain and prideful positions of power over others.  That those You have anointed to lead us will be like Your Son, willing to sacrifice themselves so that others will experience Your Love to walk in Divine health and favor!  Lord, that our leaders in our worship will have humble contrite attitudes to show us the way so that our Faith pleases You!

Father as Your Prophet has warned us that we are free to worship you and minister to others without government interference!  No 501c3!  We are free in America to worship You without fear and that the Gospel is proclaimed to penetrate even into the politics and government of our nations.  What President Trump initiated will continue that we will voice our beliefs and stand for strong moral standards of all those who take up the mantle to represent us!  Continue to bless us with those You have chosen to make America a land filled with Justice!  That we will see the righteous be appointed as judges!  That even those who teach will be strong in teaching the truth about our heritage and that we are people living together able

to see that no color or other prejudice stands in the way of us being one nation under You, God with liberty and justice for all!  We pray in the mighty Name of Jesus! Amen!

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