Jan 8, 2020

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Beloved Father,

We come to you with humble contrite hearts know it is our Faith in You and the work of Your Son, Yeshua that please You.  It makes us a part of Your holy Family, we are set apart to do a special work for You to spread the Kingdom and to defend the Truth as You have revealed it to us in the Sacred Scriptures and in the Words of Your Son which shows the way in which we should walk. To walk by faith and not the feelings of our fallen nature, but to walk in the new Mind of Christ.  To see one another as You see us worthy of the precious price of the Blood of Your Son.  We are important to You and You want to share Your heart with us and so Father we give You our hearts to share with You.  What You want is what we want and so we freely choose to follow Your Commands to love one another by loyal and faithful actions from a pure heart empty of all transgressions and iniquity.  No to sin and Yes to Love! No to fear and Yes to Faith! No to despair and doubt and Yes to Hope!  All because of the Love poured out on us by Your Son, Yeshua!

Father in these days of unrest and turmoil we seek special protection for President Trump and all who are working with him in loyalty to follow that which You have placed in his heart to do bring America back from the brink of destruction to again be the Light on the Hill and a voice of Freedom through out the earth!   That the Hammer of Justice will rightly fall on all enemies who are resisting what has been prophetically pronounce over us.  That all of our enemies will be scattered and no weapon formed against us will prosper!

Lord, it has been spoken that the witches, warlocks and others who worship a false god they call Satan is place curses, hexes and other evil expressions against President Trump.  Lord we stand against it for Satan is no go nor is he some kind of cosmic entity that has power over us or is some how equal to You in might and power!  Lord with You we laugh like the prophet Elijah of old against the prophets of Baal.   Scream louder maybe they will hear you!  There is no God but You O Lord!  There is nothing to fear for Your Holy Angels surround us and intercede in this battle.  That those who are wrapped up in this foolishness will be see all of their chanting and canting will come to naught for it is not Your Will and has nothing to do with Your Kingdom in our midst for as Your Son has said the gates of hell will not prevail!  This will all come to naught for it of the fragrance of the pits of Gehenna! Lord we know Your Will is with President Trump for  You have anointed him for such a time as this! And we will see as we pray and act our Faith that You are not done with America nor are You done with the Trump dynasty You have begun!

Father, we pray for the peace of Jerusalem as our brothers and sisters in Israel remember today the 10th of Tevet fasting and praying to remember the loss of the First Temple by King Nebuchadnezzar that now is a time to look to the Messiah who is the Living Temple of true worship for You Father.  That the Israeli people will open their hearts to hear of Yeshua and that soon they will say His name with reverence and awe and as prophet Kim Clement spoke Israel is forever and Yeshua will be shouted from the roof tops in the Land that You have chosen.  Thank You Lord that we have a President who recognizes Israel and Jerusalem as its capitol and that soon we will one day be one new man both Jew and Gentile before You as one in the Spirit as Your Son has prayed over us to be!

Father there is much turmoil and fear among people because of what President Trump has done in ridding us of an enemy and leader of hate in this world.  May we see even more of our enemies fall and loose any influence of those who are blind and following the false gods of Islam and other forms of pagan worship through out the earth.   That we are like our President to stand without fear and stand for righteousness and Justice!  That we have nothing to fear in the face of our enemies because of the words of Your prophet Zechariah spoke: It is not by power and not by might but it is by my spirit say the Lord God!  Now even more so because Your Son has won us the victory and we are here to fulfill that which we are to do to make sure the Kingdom reigns first in our hearts and then in our land and around the world!  Thank You, Lord for bringing us together as Your Army to see the Golden Age of Reformation happen with this year of 2020!  We give You all the Glory!  It is so! Amen!

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