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Heavenly Father,

Release Your Warrior Angels to protect us of Strike Force of Prayer from any distraction or influence or harm from the enemy!  Let your Protective Arm cover us as we pray to You!  Deafen the ears and blind the eyes of the enemy in seeing or hearing what we are bringing before You! May our words be plain before You! We come before You with hearts made pure through the Blood of Your Son, Yeshua the Messiah! The Lord Jesus Christ  Thank You, Father for listening to our prayers and answering them ever before we finish our prayer time together as we are one in unity of mind and heart and will!

Father, we come to You in repentance for our sins of disobedience to Your Teachings and commands for living out Your Sacred Plan for us as Your Kingdom Family members.  Forgive us for our lack of courage to be a witnessto the Truth!  Now Father as we recognize our weaknesses and fear, fill us through the Power of the Holy Spirit with a new Boldness & Courage in the line of fire with the enemy!  Now we declare & decree: Light overpowers darkness, Love always wins!  Fath overcomes any fear!  Hope smashes doubt! We are victorious because we are covered by the Sacred Blood of Your Son.

Father today we intercede for special warriors that are in the line of fire! For those we call whistleblowers, who reveal the Truth of the corruption found in the government, the church, the workplace our educational and judicial institutions.  May their voice inspire us to defend and protect them and encourage them in thanksgving for their sacrifice to reveal the Truth!

We pray and intercede for those we call our street fighters: men and women who stand in our streets to protect the unborn and turn back the tide of death to life.  People like Rusty Thomas, Coach Dave Daubenmire, Father Frank Pravone, Alveda King and others! We stand in a protective shield to cover them as they are willing to stand in the crowd in front of those who promote death!  These brave men and women stand to speak Your Word against abortion, homosexuality, all perversion of sexuality and all forms of bigotry and shame and the curses put on our nation! That they will have the Courage and Wisdom to stand and shout Your Word to those who are deaf, dum and blind to the Truth!

Father protect the good men and women who follow their calling into the Military and Law Enforcement.  Give them courage in the Line of Fire as they defend our country on foreign soil or in our own streets of America.  Let them have Wisdom from the Holy Spirit to discern the right course of action in battle to defeat the enemy like Isis or North Korea or the riotous acts of disobedience in our cities like Charolletesville, Chicago, Baltimore and other strongholds of the enemy.  Bless them for being willing to protect us as the they stand in the Line of Fire!

Father protect our Youth that they will rise up to be a voice of Truth for our nations future!  Reveal to them what you plannted in their hearts to follow Your Son, Jesus! That they are able to make the future bright by taking the mantle of our fathers and mothers as defenders of the Faith and Truth!  Thank You for the gift of children and all that is sacred in the family!  Protect all who have raised up a banner to defend and protect the family as You ordained it to

Father we are grateful and thankful for the victories You have place in our hands because Your Son

has already overccome the world and You have given us the Spirit who strengthens us to face the hate, the mockery, the discouragement, the failures, the curses and all forms of corruption!  We have confidence In You Father, so we walk by Faith and not by sight!  To be  like Your children in the past who are shinning examples to walk through the Line of Fire and realize that it refines us and makes us precious gold in Your Hands!

We are grateful and thankful as Your Oedient children destine to walk in Divine Health and Divine Blessings!

We make our prayer in the Name of Jesus Christ Our Lord! Amen!


Take courage when you face the enemy for God has promised to bless us in the faceing the enemy!  He will deliever them to us as we stand in His Righteousness and obey His commands!  We are His Warriors: run to the battle with Courage in the Line of Fire!  Our God is mightier than any enemy and even if we are out nubered He will sustain us!  The victory is ours as we stand in courage to face our fears!  No weapon formed against us can over power us!

Deut   . 7/12-11/25;  Is. 49?14-51/3  John 14/1-31

Faith Obedience & Blessing

Faith makes us obedient to God

Faith into Action: Belief in God makes us act in obedience to His Plan!

All has been given by God therefore have an attitude of gratitiude

True Obeience begins with Love of God and faith in  His character!

If we love and obey God our land will be cleansed!

What we do affects everything!

To awaken our nation to hunger for God

Walking in Faith to be Obedient to His Plan!

Following His commandments brings what we are searching for!

Prayer focus: Courage in the Line of Fire:

for whistleblowers

law enforcement


street fighters

to face mockery, hate, discouragement, failure admit a mistake and correct it!



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