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Heavenly Father,

we humbly come before You under the covering of Your Son’s Blood!  We seek Your protection from all the snares of the enemy, the accuser, Satan and his minions!  Father, release Your Warrior Angels to protect us from any distraction or upheaval that would halt us in our sacred time of unity with one another and with You.  May the enemy’s voice be silenced, may his ears be deafened and his vision blurred so that our prayers we raise will  be heard only by You and that any and all revelations You give us will be deeply implanted in us so that Your Will be done and Your Kingdom reign over America!

Father, first we repent of our sins that have put America in the hands of the enemy!  We repent of false worship of the gods o this world!  Just as Your Son in the desert rejected any of the world’s riches: love of money, the need of fame, glory and fortune as we see through the eyes of the media and how the false idols are placed before us which leads us astray from Your Will!  We have been led to believe that man can solve everything without true worship of our Father! Yet it is through You and You alone that we have a way to overcome every temptation!  Father , You are the only true God, who sent Your Son, Yeshua, Jesus to show us the Way and gave us the Holy Spirit to guide us into all truth!

Father, we repent of any connection we have had even to this day of belief or practices of the occult in their various forms: New Age, New World government, a new world order, globalism, all forms of sorcery, fortune tellers, psychics and other forms of evil!  We repent of listening to the spirit of death that prevails in all the forms of sexual perversion like homosexuality, sexual perversion and all the sins that were found in Sodom and Gomorah1  We decree and proclaim that America is a nation for Life, the abundant Life you gave us through Your Son  Yeshua, Jesus!

Father, we repent of our believing and listening to false prophets who have and still do lie to us and put us in fear of what is to happen to America and its people!  All of the doom and gloom attitude that puts us in fear for our lives now and in the future!  We bind all of this imagining and speculating of what is to happen even to the point of predicting when the end will come!  Father, we proclaim and decree we will live in this time that You have destined for us that according to Your true prophets and seers established  in your Word that You have a plan for us that grows the Kingdom on the earth and by repenting we are establishing Your Kingdom in the hearts of men!

We repent Father of all hate and murder and resentment in our hearts toward our brother and sisters through thought word & deed.  Lord forgive us of our foolish, selfish ways that destroy love between one another.  We turn to You, Father knowing that when we walk in Your Son’s footsteps we establish a firm foundation for America just as our fore-fathers did.  We  now return in spirit and truth the true worship You deserve, Father!! We proclaim and decree America is Yours and we commit ourselves to Your Service and Your Will for us now and forever! Amen!

Father, we recall on this day the tragedy and evil that came to us 16 years ago!  We  mourn with those who are still in grief and sorrow from the loss of their loved ones, but we know Father,  You are instilling in us a new Hope because of the Good New brought to us through Your Son!  You are already sweeping across our land through the Power of the Holy Spirit so that we return to what You brought us to America for from the beginning a land of the free and the home of the brave so that all men know of the freedom in Yeshua, Jesus, Your Son and our Redeemer, who is King of Kings and Lord of lords, who lives and reigns with You in the Unity of the Holy Spirit forever and ever! Amen!



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