Mar 16, 2020

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Heavenly Father,

THROUGH THE HOLY SPIRIT AND THE BLOOD OF OUR LORD JESUS THE CHRIST, WE HUMBLY COME INTO YOUR HEAVENLY COURT!  We enter before your heavenly judicial system where nations are either judged or blessed.  We are asking that our case and our country’s book of destiny that You, Heavenly Father wrote before the foundation of the world, be opened in Yeshua’s/Jesus Name.  According to You Word through the prophet Jeremiah (29/11): For I know the plans and thoughts that I have for you, are plans for peace and well-being and not for disaster, so that I give you a future and a hope.  Righteous Judge based on Your Words we know that You did not send the Corona Virus to kill any of our fellow countrymen and cause the fear of death to reign supreme in our country!  By the authority given to us by Your Son, Our Lord Jesus the Christ we summon all that is evil that has created the Corona Virus and any demonic altars that are empowering it be stopped now and cease to exist.

Father our Supreme Judge we speak through the given legal authority we have to prosecute this Corona Virus and all viruses that bring flu and illness into our land (and any nation whose God is You O Lord!)  Through Your Word Lord  we know that the earth is given to the children of men (Psalm 115/16) and that any evil come against us when we cry out to You in distress, You will hear and deliver us (2 Chronicles 20/9).  We know to through the prophet Isaiah You will not allow any weapon formed against us will not succeed and that peace, righteousness, security and triumph over opposition is our heritage from You!  But most importantly Your Son said we have authority over the power of the enemy and nothing in ay way will harm us. (Luke 10/19)

Righteous Judge based on these Words we have legal standing in Your Supreme Court and further more we have God-given Dominion over the planet earth to contend for the destiny, peace and prosperity of our nation so that in Yeshua/Jesus mighty Name  so that the spread of the Corona Virus and any other virus that brings sickness into the land is to stop spreading!

Heavenly Father as intercessors for our nation we repent for the sins of our forefathers and mothers to the present generation also and any national sins, especially the shedding of innocent blood, sexual perversion and bowing and worshiping false gods  that has given legal right to evil to invade our land and especially with this Corona Virus (all viruses).  So now by the Blood of Jesus the Christ wash away any generational and national sins.  Jesus the Christ has already paid the price for the redemption of all mankind!  Righteous Judge You search for righteous ones to build the wall and stand in the gap so that You would not destroy the land (Ezekiel 22/30)  So Father, we are here in the robe of Righteousness decreeing and declaring that we stand in the gap for the healing in our land.  We speak the words that this Corona virus and all evil viruses will not kill one more person in our land and we decree it in the name of  Yeshua/Jesus!

Heavenly Father, we now ask that a Divine Restraining order be issued by Your Supreme Court against the demonically engineered plague and man made Corona virus and all other chemically produced viruses and biological warfare weapons!  Righteous Judge we ask that this Divine Restraining Order stop supernaturally any more spreading of this evil and stop any more killing of people in our land! Heavenly Father, we decree that any and all demonic entities or persons connected to this Corona Virus and other viruses be bound and brought to Justice in the Mighty Name of Jesus the Christ!  Heavenly Father we receive this Divine Restraining Order by Faith and decree and declare that You shall fulfill all the days of our life that You have written in our book of destiny long before You created us and so therefore we will not die before the appointed time of our destiny!

Heavenly Father, we call upon Your Holy Angels to be witnesses to this legal and righteous transaction and that all who are directly affected by this order are to be notified by Your Messengers that they are to honor, respect and obey this order or face Your Divine judgment.   We decree this in Jesus Name!

Heavenly Father, we seek that the Court of heaven de-crown this virus that is wearing an illegal crown and it stop the perpetuating this evil reign of terror. Righteous Judge it is written in Job 19/9: He has stripped me of my glory and taken the crown from my head.  So Lord we move that the Heavenly Court de crown this Corona Virus and strip it of any glory which is causing death, fear and destruction in Jesus Name we pray!

Heavenly Father as we leave Your Heavenly Courtroom we seek that the Holy Spirit will bring Wisdom and reveal all truth to those who are assigned to find means to help all those who have been affected by this virus and other forms of illness.   That we will seek healing remedies according to Your Plan for our healing as You spoke to us in the Garden: I give to you every seed bearing plant and tree on the earth to be your food/medicine.  Heavenly Father, bring to us those cures and means that will restore our health according to the nature you have created in us.  Righteous Judge we plead that this Supreme Court will strengthen our Faith to know that one drop of the Precious Blood of Your Son, Jesus is the greatest cure and protection against any spiritual or natural or man-made plagues ever created.

In Jesus Name we decree and declare this Corona Virus and all forms of virus illness stop, cease and desist now! This reign of death and terror will no longer have sway by the media or any one who continues to propagate the lie to destroy America or any nation that call You the one and true God! We pray this in Jesus Name! Amen It is so!

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