Jul 17, 2020

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Heavenly Father,

In the Name of Your Son Jesus the Christ we bring before You are intercession for America and on this day we pray for our President: Donald J. Trump that he will receiving a new anointing from the Holy Spirit in leading our nation.  We seek a complete protection of him from any attempt from the enemy to over turn his presidency and any of the many things You have blessed him to bring to America, especially a renewed spirit and returning to the heritage of our Faith in God and the rule of law and order.  Father, bless him and his family with protection and endurance through all of the attacks of the enemy by words and actions.   Lord, we are here to show honor and respect for the authority the people have given him through electing him.  As your prophets have spoken he is the anointed of the Lord for such a time as this.

Father in the authority of You Son we proclaim and declare over President Trump that he blessed with a special encounter with the Holy Spirit so that he will know of Your Divine Will of his time as President and that he will be given encouragement and discernment to continue to bring Justice to the land.  That through his decisions those who are corrupt will be exposed and brought to face the consequences of their betrayal and treason of America.  Lord that more and more Americans awaken to what has been given to us by this man’s work for us to return to our soul purpose in You Plan to bring the Spread of the Gospel around the world and to be a nation that protects life, especially that of the children in the womb!  Lord, strengthen his resolve to protect life from conception to the time of returning to our heavenly destiny.  Lord, that through his leadership in governing us we may live our Christian life fully protected by our Constitution and laws that are just and fair to the exercise of our freedom to worship You in spirit and truth!

Father as other great leaders in our history have turned to You in their hour of need and crisis may President Trump have that  humble servant’s heart to say like Abraham Lincoln I fall to my knees in prayer for God’s guidance and direction!  Lord, as prophet Kim Clement proclaimed was that during Trump’s time in office the White House will become a House of Prayer and that America will truly be a land of freedom to proclaim that Jesus is Lord!  That with a humility he will give You all the glory for the miracles of change that are happening now in this day.  That even today as he is in New Hampshire he will speak words from the Holy Spirit that will unite this nation and turn back the tide of chaos and rebellion of those who are in darkness and under the influence of evil puppet masters that we will see law and order restored to our cities. Protect and guide him to follow Your Agenda that You have placed in his heart to fulfill and will be blessed to finish the task You have given him!

Father, there is much that he has accomplished because of Your Blessing so we continue to intercede for him so that Justice will come to pass by bringing a cleanse to the whole Justice system here in USA.  That the men and women he has chosen to work with him are protected  and will obey his orders to drain the swamp and bring Justice to the land. May men like AG Barr have Wisdom and strength to bring to justice those who have long been bringing evil into the land and have been ruled by the bribe and selfish interests to make us captives instead f free. Fill his administration with righteousness and trustworthiness to separate those who are deceivers and liars from those who are anointed to fulfill the duties that are before them!  Lord we are here to support and honor those who use authority to protect the people of America.  Justice will prevail in the land!

Father, continue to strengthen President Trump to bless Israel and to keep as a nation as You have destined it to be in these days to bring fulfillment of Your Divine Plan. Thank You, Father that in his blessing Israel our land is blessed and as he recognized Jerusalem as it its capital may he also block any more land division in Israel.  We are grateful that President Trump is aware of the importance of Israel and that he has a real friendship with Netanyahu and other world leaders who are following Your Plan in our day!  Israel is forever and we know it fits in Your Plan perfectly from beginning to end.

Father, as we show honor and respect for our President may it also be a moment when we strengthen our love and honor of You, Father.  For we know all that is happening is  under Your control and You will get all the Glory for because of You we are healed and made whole to honor and serve You all our days.  Thank You for placing us here in America for such a time as this. Praise to You, Lord for it is so and we are happy to be one in Your Family now and forever. Amen! 


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