Jan 3, 2020

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Heavenly Father,

​We are so amazed at Your Great Love for us, even though we are weak and tainted by sin and the foolish things we do You love us and promised You would never leave us or forsake us.  You prove it over and over again when we take a moment to reflect on all You have done for each of us in this moment.  We come to ending of what we call a year 2019 and yet when we look back we see miracles and marvelous acts that You have brought into our lives and You Promise even more as we stand on the verge of changing the year to 2020!  Lord, we are so grateful and blessed to live in this time frame You have set for each of us no matter what stage of life each of us is in.  Yet, here we are Your Army, this remnant we call the Strike Force of prayer under the leadership of the Holy Spirit.  We thank You that You have called us together and we are ready to continue doing as You call us to do in the Year ahead!

We look forward to seeing a Golden Year of Reformation.  Father is 400 years since You made America a land under a covenant with You through those who came to these shores.  We are so grateful for our Heritage of Faith and our history of learning to be brothers and sister in one nation with You as our only God!  Thank You Father! Thank You, Jesus! Thank You Holy Spirit!  We give You praise and honor and all the Glory!

Father with in a few hours around the world we will shout out Happy New Year!  But it is not a happiness the world seeks of the flesh it is a Spiritual Happiness we need and want to share.  It is by the Blood of Your Son we are made a new creation and have access to You personally.  There is no other way to call You Father except by Your Son, Yeshuah/Jesus and only through Him can we become close to You and by the Power of the Holy Spirit we are made one and have all we need to grow closer each moment to You!  What an amazing and wonderful Gift that Creator of it all wants to be intimate with each one of us!   So sacred and such an honor that You call us Your Family!  We are here Lord to give ourselves to You!

Father as we stand on the edge of walking into the future of another year we hear Your calling us to have a Golden Year of Reformation.  That we will see that which we have been praying for in America will come to pass as we move forward!  We will continue to intercede for our President Trump and all those who serve with him to fulfill what You have told us through the prophet of our day.  We will see the corrupt receive their due and the raising up of more righteous men and women to fulfill positions of leadership and fulfill acts of bravery to rescue that which the enemy has stolen and that which we have lost because of our slothfulness and complacency.  Lord no more!  We are Your Army and like David when he ran toward Goliath we are here to the face the giants of our day and slay them with the Sword of Truth and Righteousness!  We are more than conquerors and we can do all things in Christ Jesus!

Father, we pray for the continuing of reformation of our Justice system: especially seeing President Trump over seeing th rooting out of all those who are corrupt in each department like the FBI, the CIA and other branches that need to be pruned, broken off and burned up so that Justice will prevail and America will see the miracles of the weak and poor be lifted up to a dignity of worth and wanting to fulfill the destiny You have written in each one’s book.  Lord You have started the Harvest and we are here to be Your Laborers to be sent to reap and bring others into the Kingdom!

Father, we pray for reformation of our cities especially one like L.A., Chicago, Baltimore, New York and others that new leadership will arise and You will inspire us with the ways to clean up the mess of homelessness and other ills that plague these places.  Lord, give us strong men and women of Faith to lead us into this new Golden Age of Reformation so that what we pray for will come to pass!  Lord, that during these days ahead we will see the burden of debt be take off Your People and those who are the selfish ones who want to control will find themselves making recompense for all that has been stolen and cheated from us.  Lord as You have spoken in Your word that all will be returned seven fold and Your good stewards will be in control as You have planned!  Father we have Joy in our hearts for we know You have great plans for us and we will see Your Glory be manifested as we start this new year.  Thank You for drawing us close to one another and to You!  It is so! Amen!

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