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Heavenly Father,

We come before Your Throne of Grace to sing You a song of Praise and Thanksgiving for all You have done for us and are doing now in our day!  As we are gathered here take us off the enemy’s radar and keep his camp confused and in disarray as no weapon formed against is will prosper!  Lord, keep us in Your Vibration and that sound we hear is the battle cry of Victory and the sound of the Mighty Rushing Wind of the Holy Spirit to awaken in our souls Praise, Honor and Glory to You, O Lord!

In the Name and Authority of Yeshua, our Messiah and Savior we bind the sounds of the enemy’s music that causes unrest and fear in the Youth of our day and even in us when we hear it!  We bind the evil demons and elements of the music industry and the halls of entertainment.  We stand firm against the lies and deceit that pervades our culture!  We cry out Lord for a new sound and a song of Praise to You!  Touch the hearts of our Youth and all those who are creative in sound and music to sing a song of Hope for this age!

We bind all the illuminati and other evil sources who have strongholds in the entertainment industry!  Continue to expose and depose those who are supporters and influences of perversion in this way of life!  We pray to loose the bonds of all those who are caught and trapped in this industry that they will see the Light and struggle to free themselves from this shame and darkness!  Loose them now in Yeshua’s Name! Lord open the eyes of more Americans of the trap of idol worship and deception of self-glory in the talents of those whom You have gifted!  That more and more will see that their talents and gifts are from You and are to be used to give You glory and uplift the soul of man to look to You!

According Your Word, we know the enemy was very talented in the worship of You, but pride enter in and he wanted all that was Yours! So, he rebelled!  But Lord we stand firm in our loyalty and obedience to You and we give You all Glory and honor and praise and thanksgiving in song!

Lord again we bind the demonic influence and stronghold in music, entertainment and all expression in song and dance!  We intercede that a new sound come forth in our day that will turns heart to You! And that all those whom You blessed with talent will use it for Your Glory!

Father, we thank You for the sounds and music that soothes, comforts and nourishes our souls so that we look to You always! In Yeshua we give You all Glory, Honor and Praise and Thanksgiving! Amen!

Now Father hear the sound of Your Warriors gather here as they continue intercession and expressions from their heartfelt prayers:


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