Jul 13, 2018

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Heavenly Father,

We come to You as repentant children who are now so aware of Your Love for us because of the Sacrifice of Your Son, Yeshua.  It is because of Him that we are able to call You ABBA/Daddy and we know that You take care of us in all we face and are doing battle as Your Warriors in Your Kingdom Army.

Thank You, Father for bringing us back into Your Family.  We have divorced ourselves from all of the legal bindings we have accepted whether knowingly or unknowingly and no longer are married to false gods whatever title they proclaim Baal, or Satan or Molech or Mammon.  We are set free through the Blood of Yeshua!

Father, by Faith we stand in the authority Your Son has given us to rule here on earth as we know Your rule in Heaven and over all creation.  Lord keep us off the enemy’s radar and may all of his camp of followers be brought to naught.  We are here to focus on You, Father not him.  We know You have all Power and Might that the enemy can and will never have!  So all of his plans, plots and tricks we are here to ignore and focus on You and You alone.  We take our rightful authority over the United States of America to establish Your Kingdom Rule over this nation, which we are grateful and thankful for!

Lord, we speak with Yeshua’s authority into our future, our children and all that is planned for us and we accept it and defend it  as Your Army.  We intercede and pray that all You have started in America will catch hold of those who are asleep and bring the fire of the Holy Spirit into all areas of America.  We foresee that our government and all who lead us that are not of You be changed and that the hearts of good men and women arise to bring righteousness and truth to the offices of leadership.  Lord we bind all the efforts of the evil one and his force to let go now!  That all bribery, corruption and deception stop and those involved with it be brought to Justice! We speak a proclamation that Your Power will rule over phase of our government.

Father, we have confidence that our Congress and Senate will change through the election of 2018.  That we will have those who truly represent us elected and that they in turn will support and cooperate with President Trump and his anointing to bring about Your Agenda for America now in our day and into the future!

Lord, we speak with the words of Your Authority over areas of our government that need change and a total cleansing like our Judiciary system.  Continue to give Wisdom to President Trump for all his appointments so that we will be under true Justice and have men and women who will defend and use the Constitution and our laws as they were intended from the beginning our nation.  That there is the proper balance of power between the executive, legislative and judicial branches of our government.  That each know it proper roles of authority and not usurp another branch! We declare it to be so Now!

Father, we seek a complete cleansing of other areas of government as well in the Department of Justice, the CIA, the FBI and any other area of law enforcement to serve and protect according to the laws of our land.  That wholesome men and women rise to take their proper position to serve and protect this nation form all enemies whether foreign or domestic.  We pray for Justice not as cliché but as a truth we live by!

Father, we trust that You hear our heartfelt repentance to bring before the issues of danger that our nation faces.  We know through the guidance of the Holy Spirit we will receive answers and solutions so that each of us will be able to do our part as Your Army of Warriors so that we may truly live in Peac and Love for one another!

We thank You for hearing our cry to change America!  We are thankful You answer our prayers just as You did to get President Trump elected and we see the start of change in so many areas as we see our President choose good men and women for offices like the Supreme Court.  We thank You for the prophetic words that have been spoken over our nation through Your Servant Mark Taylor and all the others whom You have chosen to speak Your Word to us!

We are so thankful in Yeshua’s name Amen!


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