Nov 6, 2019

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Heavenly Father,

We are here under the shadow of Your Wing knowing that we have nothing to fear as we enter the battle ground before us.  You are the Light for our feet to trample on the enemy’s ground that he has stolen and we are strengthened by Your Might to come against any force that stands in our way of marching into the victory You have planned for us.  We know we are protected by the shield of Your Mighty Angels who stand guard around us frightening the enemy as we proclaim Jesus is Lord and the gates of hell cannot defeat us.  We are Warriors in our positions to bring down and strike down any plots of the enemy for we can do all things in Christ Jesus.  Even in our weakness Your Might shines bright to keep the enemy in flight!  Resisting even the thoughts of evil and they will flee for we are here having the mind of Christ in all things for we are able to discern what is the will of God and all that is good and pleasing.

Father in this hour we are thankful that You have given us President Trump to lead this nation in this time.  Lord we can see that more and more is changing for the better way.  We are thankful that those who are corrupt are being exposed and deposed from their places of power and influence.  More and more of the enemies of our America both foreign and domestic are facing the consequences of their actions and choices they have made to destroy what we have been given and has been passed on to us from our heritage. There are none so blind as those who will not see and none so deaf as those who will not hear, Lord even among the followers of Your Son, Yeshuah.  Lord, even among those who say they are shepherds of Your flock have to be exposed and deposed for lies and false teachings they have put upon us.  Lord let the cleansing continue and let the convicting power of the Holy Spirit expose the sin that must be removed and blotted out so that we can truly worship You in spirit and truth.  Lord we stand with You in all that You are doing in this hour!

Lord continue to give president Trump wisdom and discernment in all the appointments he makes to our Justice system and to all those who are around him to advise and guide him even in spiritual matters.  Lord help him weed out those who oppose or attempt to block out his choices that will better our government and the direction of America in all of its dealing with other governments.  That there will be fair and honest negotiations in trade and other important matters of state.  Lord, show Your Mighty Hand in all that is taking place that is even rescuing the children from all forms of sexual perversion, trafficking and sacrificing in our land and in the nations of the world.  Lord as You have promised You are here to set the captive free and bring restoration into our lives in this day!  Your get all the Glory and Praise for all that is happening and changing.

Father, we repent of any slander, gossip or back biting that we have been apart of either knowingly or unknowingly.  Lord even in our assemblies of worship wrong spirited  words are spoken and even believed about others who are standing in righteousness and Faith to speak out about the abuse and lies and deceit that has been preached and taught to us.  Lord open our minds and hearts to discern the Truth and not be so prejudiced over which Bible translation to defend or doctrine to be right.  Lord there is too much judgmentalis.  Lord as You warned us to check the beam in our own eye before helping our brother with the speck in his eye.  Lord  the cleansing of Your people mus t come first so that we will se all that we are praying for will come to pass as we practice the Love that your Son has shown us and taught us.  Your Word is our foundation and our rock that keeps us firm in times of the storm and unrest that is around us.  We trust You O Lord!

Father, as Your Army is gathered here we are in that sacred place where Your anointing falls on us and covers us. Thank You for loving us as You do and that no matter what we struggle with You are always with us and You keep Your  Word that  You will never leave us or forsake us.   This is what we can rely on no matter what we face.  We are so grateful that You reveal Your Heart to us as we give You our heart.  We are here in Jesus and the Unity of the Holy Spirit. It is so Amen!

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