Jun 9, 2018

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Heavenly Father,

as Your repentant children we seek a change in our thinking!  We want to have the Mind of Your Son, Yeshua.  To see Life as He sees life! To think of others as He thinks and has shown us!  To love as He loved!  To give as He gave! To be images of Your Son to one another, right here, right now!  Lord, our thinking in the past has brought us so much pain and trouble, but now because of Yeshua, we are free and have new opportunities every day to grow into the living image of Yeshua at this very moment.  Thank You Father for the that Grace, but without my repentance I make a perversion of Your Grace!

Father, we have been foolish to allow our minds to trap us into a slavery of lusts of the flesh, thoughts of hate, jealousy, prejudice, anger of destruction, thoughts of murder and doing harm to others even the ones we love and all kinds of perversion and other things are minds can think of!  But, Lord as we admit this all shame and guilt and embarrassment are washed away by the Blood of Yeshua.

I am no longer those old thoughts even if they pop up again because I am forgiven they no longer hold sway over me.  I am made new and I get new thoughts by the power of the Holy Spirit, so we rejoice in You, O Lord! For me are

made new every time we think of You and remember how much You love us and never change Your thinking about us, because we are always on Your Mind!

Lord, our nation and its people need to be reminded and renewed in their thinking that we are not slaves to any government or anyone who tries to rule over us through lies, deceit, threats or violent words or actions against us. We are Your people and we are free in Yeshua, our Messiah!  America was created to be a land of the free and the home of the brave who stand for justice and Truth!

Lord remind us again that we are not slaves to race, color or any other label or name  anyone places on us in order to control us and keep us from knowing our true worth and value in Your Son, Yeshua.  Gor all who know Him are free, yes free indeed!

Lord, there are so many means of enslaving us through the use of the media and forms of entertainment that get us addicted to idol worship, moral depravity, and other thoughts put into our minds so that we can resist the truth, have no hope and think that only evil wins and life does not matter from birth to days of aging and that life does not matter.  Because we have allowed all of these thoughts to go unchecked, unrevealed and unexamined by us then evil gets a foothold and then evil men and women prevail over us and enslave us to such things as One world order, no God, perversions and sins that enslave us again!

But Praise God, just as you heard the cries of Your People Israel and led them out of bondage in Egypt so now You have heard the cry of your people and we are Your Army that is taking back America and moving us forward into a bright future  with Your Kingdom living and reigning in our hearts and through out our nation!

Thank You, Father, for the leadership and determination of President Trump and other men and women serving with him to make us free from the systems that have enslaved us by greed, lust, perversions and power.  Thank You Lord for being Our God. We continue to lift up our voices to You in Prayer and Worship.  We pray this in Yeshua’s Name. Amen!


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