Jun 16, 2018

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Heavenly Father,

Shine Your Light in our present darkness to reveal who is a part of Your Army for us to trust and who not to.  Here we are Lord, reporting for duty for today’s actions to bring the image of Your Son into sharper focus in ourselves and in one another.  Father, protect us from all the attacks of the evil one and his forces.  Give us a stronger Faith in spite of our weakness or if we feel fearful.  We know You have a great Plan for us and so we rejoice in You.

Father, we give You honor and praise doe Your Wondrous ways.  We rejoice that You keep us protected and off the enemy’s radar.  You shield us in every battle and reward us with blessings in our lives and the life of this nation.  We keep our eyes on You and watch what You are doing.  Lord there are those who are not even aware of the movement of the Spirit in our land, theyare fools who will soon come to a unhappy ending.  We know this because You are separating the sheep from the wolves in sheep’s clothing! We see church leaders, political leaders, false prophets and teachers, financial cheaters are being exposed as judgment looms before them.  We are on the rising tide of a return for Justice and Righteousness to pervade the land again!

Father, before we go on our hearts are heavy because of the terrible perversion that affects our land as well as Your land of Israel: the terrible perversion of all these celebrations of homosexuality and all of its perversions!  Lord, we detest that this has so dominated our nation because of our judicial court system.  We cry out with our Christian brothers and sisters who protest and speak out against it.  Protect Coach Dave Daubenmire and his men and women who will show God’s Love on the streets of Columbus, Ohio and all the others who are crying out to You, for a change and waking up America to this abomination. Lord now is the time of True Fatherhood to be shown in our land.  Bring these hopeless and lost children into the Light before the plague of their perversion brings destruction into their community.  We repent of any way we have either allowed this to continue and and have stood in stupored silence as we watch them parade by.  Now Lord we say enough of this sexual perversion that has been allowed.  Turn the tide for a cleansing of our nation and around the world!

Father over this weekend we are called to honor all fathers.  We first of all honor and respect You! For it is because of You that we are living and breathing at this moment. Lord God we can call You ABBA/Father because of Your Son, Yeshua has shown us that You are loving Father and You established a family in the beginning.  Yeshua, has given us the means to restore Your Family and You have given us the Holy Spirit to lead us into all truth and into true Peace.  Let the Fire of the Holy Spirit ignite in us a burning desire as Your Army to drive the enemy from our nation.

Father, we honor and respect our earthly fathers , who have done their best to show us a father’s love and how to walk in the steps of Your Son, Yeshua!  Lord, we pay tribute to all those men in our lives who we may call Dad or Daddy.

We pray especially for those men who have fulfilled the duty of being a father to us in any circumstance that needed a father’s guidance.  Lord there are some men who never physically begat children and yet were there as fathers to many and bolstered the lives of children may all these men be blessed beyond measure.

Father, bless our President Trump, though not perfect, has been raise up to be a father in our nation.  Protect him and guide him in all his decisions and words used to make America great again.  Especially bless him this day as it is the day of his birth.  Lord, bless his family and all who work and serve with him.

Bless all fathers who have served or are serving now in our military, our law enforcement, fire and rescue and all forms of service whether it be as janitor or any position whether high or low they are all fathers serving our nation our state our community.  Bless them beyond measure!

Father, continue to give us men who will take their proper role to father us  in our nation.  Thank You for the fathers who have shown and show us now that we are to respect and honor our mothers, because they have shown us love for the woman they have as their wife and who me call mother!  We are here to obey Your Commands which says: honor your father and mother and it will go well with you in the land.  A rule that makes our world blessed by You!

Thank You, Father, for the gift of fathers and all that it means to live as families ruled by Your Commandments of Love that was fulfilled by Your Son, Yeshua.  Thank You, Father in Yeshua’s name Amen!


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