Jul 21, 2018

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Heavenly Father,

We are here to express the Truth of the love we have for You based on that You have first loved us and Yeshua, Your Son proves it and has shown it to us.  Thank You for this Great and Awesome Gift of Your Love for us!  May we always be faithful in expressing our love and loyalty to You as Your Army of Prayer Warriors!

Father, we are tired of the limits that have been put on us by what the media tells us is right or wrong to say. We tired of even in our churches of having to be politically correct in how we say anything about Your Son, Yeshua.  Through Him You have set us free and with the Holy Spirit’s guidance we are prompted to speak out about Your Will for our nation and the changes that You are bringing about through the elections and changes that President Trump has brought about.

Lord, we pray for more boldness and courage to speak out and speak the Truth in all circumstances whether in church or in the public square or in our homes!  The Truth is what matters to us Lord and we want to be under Your banner at all times.

Father, we are here to express Your love to others even in the face of our enemies and all those who hate hearing the Truth.  Lord we know without the Truth we are a lost nation and a lost people.   So we proclaim the Truth to be spoken bravely in the halls of our government from the White House to every state house and every where our lives are influenced!  Lord thank you for revealing the truth about all the corruption and all the deceit and lies that have been spoken to us.  We know it is now time for the wheels of Justice to roll over the evil and allow us to be free as it is outlined in our Constitution and laws that are based on biblical principles.  Thank you for raising up good men and women to take positions of authority and fulfill roles of duty to make us one nation under God and all of the fake and false worship promoted by false religions be devastated as it faces the Truth!

Father, we know we are here to express Life.  We are for Life and not death, because it has been conquered through the Life and Death and Resurrection of Yeshua Your Son and our Redeemer!  We support all those Lord who promote Life and are doing their best to free those caught in child  and sex trafficking.  We pray for all the mothers who are contemplating the ending of their pregnancy that they will be touched by one one of us either through prayer or a word to their hear hearts to want to bring new life into our nation that they will know we are here to protect them and do all we can to help them into the future for themselves and their child!   Lord put Your Loving arms around each and every one who feels lost and alone in these life decisions.  We are here Lord interceding for them and where and when we can to stand by them!

Lord we are here this day to say what we mean and mean what we say to all that You have place in our lives whether it be our spouse, children, neighbor or friend or even those who disagree with us.  Lord You Son, Yeshua, has taught us that He is the Truth and it is Him that sets us free and what has been freely give to us we freely give to those who are in our lives this day!

Lord protect Your Warriors gather around Your throne this day to worship and honor You!  Put the fire of the Holy Spirit in us to speak the Truth boldly and courageously as we are United in Prayer, Voice and our Actions! In Yeshua’s Name Amen!

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