Nov 14, 2018

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Heavenly Father,

We  come before You in a humble contrite way as Your servants in Your Army in our day.  May this day be filled with miracles that are unending. That we may see  more of Your Plan unfolding before us at this moment here in America, Israel and around the world!

Father, keep us off the enemy’s radar and that evil he has planned against us be turned to ashes and that any chaos and confusion he has form us remain in his own camp. That anyone or anything that supports his evil ways be revealed and be dealt with through Divine Justice!

Father, we are aware that humanity lives under the curse of brother fighting brother and that killing one another is around us because of Cain killing Abel, and also through the generations of brother against brother as seen in Issac’s twins: Jacob and Esau.  We see it in our day through the prejudice among the races, forms of jealousy and hatred over birth rites and family inheritances.  Every form of hatred among the brothers even in what we label our Christian walk!

Father, we repent of this in our own lives and in our generations of the past.  Wash us clean by the Blood of the Lamb, Yeshua.  Forgive us Lord for the divide and resistance even in our assemblies/churches to this day!  We call ourselves Christians  but there is such a divide and resistance over President Trump, even though You have given him to us as he fights to restore all that is good in America, still Christians mock and resist his anointing!  So too there are those who label them selves as Christians who even mock and ridicule and tear down the role of prophets in our day, such as Mark Taylor.  Even as he reveals the truth many block their ears and speak out against his revelation from God in our day!

Open our hearts to convict us of these sins and through repentance open the doors of our future so we can walk through them and continue to spread the Kingdom of Light and live in abundant life that Your Son, Yeshua has given us if only we believe.  Forgive us our doubts and fears that stop us from moving forward to spread the Kingdom here in America, Israel and around the world!

Father we take up the weapons of our warfare that you have given us, especially prayers that are used prophetically, used in intercession and deliverance to break down and strike down any strong hold of the enemy in our land and every state we live in.  Lord we repent of any jealousy, competition, comparisons and hatred that cause rifts between our brothers and sister in Yeshua!  That it cease now in our hearts and we be purified to be free again!  We repent of any doubt or fear in our words or actions so that we may live in unity and the abundant life, you have planned for us!

Lord with the Sword of Truth in hand and our hearts united in prayer we strike down all that is happening in the counting and re-counting the votes especially what is happening in Arizona and Florida.  Lord continue to reveal the corruption and cheating and strike down this abomination now!

Lord, we intercede for President Trump to continue to speak boldly and stand against this injustice and to bring swift Justice to bear down on this treasonous and evil poison that has been with us so long.  We are ready for new men and women of righteousness to take over and protect our voting rights  Lord, enough!  We proclaim that this voting manipulation be stopped now and that the Truth prevail in every detail.  So that our votes will be counted rightly now and into the future.

Lord, may all the prosecution  in Justice take place starting now to take away the filth that still is in place. May those who have been doing this evil manipulation be arrested and brought into the Judicial system that defends Liberty, Law and Justice.  Bring about the change that makes us a free people again and starts a historic moment  of returning to the true reason America was founded.  Keep us Lord in calmness and constant prayer to be strong in battle against the enemy!

We thank You Father for the gift of President Trump and all those who stand by him and support him in his making America Great as You have destined it to be!  Praise, Glory and Honor is Yours Father  as we pray in the name of Your Son and our Redeemer Yeshua in unity of the Holy Spirit! Amen!

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