Nov 30, 2019

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Heavenly Father,

We are here to give You our heartfelt Thankfulness for all that You have bestowed on us in this nation that recognizes it is You have blessed us from the beginning and Your Miraculous Hand has been there all along to make us who we are and what we have.  This day we all want to just give you Thanks and praise!  It is with thankful hearts that we know we have been born again in our spirit to be one with You through the Blood of Your Son, Jesus the Christ!  You have made us into Your Family a family You wanted from the beginning but we have foolishly walked away from Your Plan so many times, but You are always there for Your Loving kindness is forever.  You have always fulfilled Your covenant with us and we are so grateful for that Your Love is unfathomable and is beyond our comprehension but ye tit is a real as the breath we breathe which is all part of Your plan for us!

Father You have fashioned us in our mother’s womb and have overseen our growth in our lives!We are so grateful that we are here at this moment.  We are grateful for life and we want all children You give us to grow up in a love for You and to realize the great gift of life!  No longer do we want our children lost because of the infanticide that is promoted and backed by those who want to participate in the enemy’s plan to rule over us to kill steal and destroy us. Lord we are grateful for the men and women who have defended and stood in the gap to counter attack the t notion that it is a woman’s right to abort if she feels she wants to and have offered to help to get it done.  Lord, how sad but it is now time for us to see in America the revoking of Roe v. Wade and all the evil intent behind Planned Parenthood and all secret societies that promote the blood of the innocents to worship a false god!  There is none like You!  You are the only real and true God!  The Creator who made us in His Image male and female You have made us and so we are grateful that together we are the living Image of You on earth and You want to dwell with us now and forever!

Father with Your Apostle Paul I speak over this group of Your Prayer Warriors called the Strike Force of Prayer: I give thanks to You God because of the grace You have bestowed on us in Christ Jesus.  Thank You Father, for blessing us with every spiritual blessing in the heavens.  That You have chosen us and destined us to be brought into Your Family through Christ Jesus.  In Him we have Redemption by His Blood the forgiveness of all our sins all in accord with the riches of Your Grace. In Him we have chosen, destined in accord with the purpose You want to accomplish through us and in us that Your Will be done on earth as it is in heaven.  We are grateful that we have been sealed by Your Holy Spirit that we are given a great inheritance, but it is all for Your Glory, honor and praise.  So we are so Thankful Lord!

Father we express our gratitude for what You have done for this nation of America.  Thankful that You have given us President Trump and have raised up righteous men and women who will be a part of bringing Your Prophetic Plan into our land and that we can see how it is You who orchestrate it all.  It is You Lord who is working through these men and women so we are grateful that they are becoming open vessels for You to pour out on us Your spirit for we are in line with the Greatest Harvest You are bringing to pass in our days!  Lord that we will see those whom we love, especially those who do not know You will now see our prayers being answered in miraculous ways according to Your time and Will!

Father with an attitude of gratitude we proclaim over our body of Warriors here and with us in the Spirit that we express our love for You! and thankfulness for from You all blessing flow! Lord with joyful hearts we say Praise and Thanksgiving are Yours! Amen!

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