Jun 1, 2020

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Heavenly Father,

wrap us in Your loving protection as we gather here today.  Shield us from any attacks of the enemy.  Let not any force come against us as we are here to give You glory, honor and praise as we are so grateful to see Your Might and Power as it rules over the earth.  That no matter how dark the world around us may seem or if we face any difficulty in our personal life.  You are with us and no weapon formed against us will succeed!  You do not lie nor is there any deceit in You that You will turn all things into that which benefits us and makes us victors in all we endure in our service to You, O Lord!

Yes, You are the same God, the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob!  You have sent Your Son, Jesus as our Messiah and Lord who washes us clean of all sin by His Sacred Blood.  Because of the display of Resurrection Power we are now a new creation! Glory to You, Father.  We are so grateful to know You, personally and intimately!  The God of the universe wants to be one with me, nothing but a grain of sand and yet Your Love for me is so incomprehensible.  Wow God Wow!

This day Your chosen ones, the Israelites remember this is the day that You gave them the Torah. The laws that would make them a people set apart for Your Plan.  Because of them You sent Your Son to redeem us and make all mankind Yours!  Father, we indeed are concerned for them that the blinders will be removed so that they will know Your Son as the Messiah and that all of the longing that is in their hearts is fulfilled and even more will unfold as we walk during these sacred times ahead of us!  Lord, You spoke to Abraham if people bless them that they will be blessed I  turn.   Thank You, Father, that You have given us President Trump who is a defender of Israel and is aware of the sacredness of Your plan for Your people, that they are still Yours and that we have been grafted into Your family now because of their blindness but soon there will be one new man that Jew and Gentil will be one as Your Son has prayed for us to be one!  Lord we are so grateful that more and more is being revealed as we open our hearts to read the Scriptures and follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit to learn of Your ways and the mystery of Your plan is opening up for us in our day.  We are so grateful You have put us here in this day.  Bless the Lord my King!  We have no King but Jesus!

Lord, we pray that more and more we will understand the Torah as it is the means of guiding us to follow in Your Way.  That Your Son, fulfilled it all and now has made a way for us to see and fulfill that which You want us to live so that we will worship You in spirit and truth!  Lord, You do not want us to be legalistic like the Pharisees in Jesus time who made it impossible to know You unless they practiced religious rituals, even that is practiced today by some who  call themselves followers of Jesus.  Lord strike down all that is ritualistic in our midst and have Your people come out of the bondage of the those churches and ministries that have no heart and are not under the influence of the Holy Spirit.  Lord, make it clear even more in this hour to separate the real from the fake and that those who say they are followers of Jesus will show such evidence that there will be a sweet fragrance and signs of Your Presence in all that they do and say.  Lord, we look forward more and more to the time when we will not need to ask, but each will clearly see who ate of Your flock and who are not.  That the separation of the stiff necked goats from those sheep who hear Your Voice and follow You!  Lord, now more than ever is the time to see the real from the fake!

Lord, continue to make the Hammer of Justice to fall on those who have deceived and lied to the American people.  That President Trump will be able to completely dismantle all that has held us captive.  To dismantle the unjust and unconstitutional ways that hold your people bound.  Things like the Federal Reserve, the IRS and other forms in the government that hold your people captive be abolished and that we return to what was originally planned for us that we would be a land of the free, the home of the brave where Liberty and Justice if for all and that You Lord, \are the only God we trust and place confidence in to fulfill what You have planned for us since  the beginning!  Amen! 

Lord continue to bless us and anoint righteous men and women to rise to take leadership positions so that we will be able to worship You without fear and no one will dictate how we are to assemble.   That we will truly be a nation who can say with Jesus as Lord and Messiah!   Amen and amen!~


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