Mar 25, 2021 | Prayers

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Talking Points: God needs us to be a part of His Plan!

The way to draw closer to God is to give up, renounce and detach our selfish nature so the more we are empty God fills us so He can use us to do the work He has planned for us to do!

God wants us to be a part of His Family where we all pitch in to keep the family happy and in  unity!   The Book of Leviticus gives us into the sacrifices to be made that we are to be the burnt offering completely consumed by God’s Fire to be purified and made holy by Him!  We are his hands and feet the doers of the word.  This is our world but we are here to prepare for His being with us.  We look at evil in the land but it is here because man has been its instrument to bring it to pass!  So to us we are here to bring God’s Goodness to the earth. Stand up and do your part1!

Shofar call to prayer!

Heavenly Father,

We are here to do our part to continue to spread Your Kingdom here on earth as it is in heaven.  We know we are weak and often fail or stumble in our duties to You, but we know that we can do all things in Your Son, Christ Jesus! So Father we boldly stand in the authority of Your Son to declare and decree that Your Will be done now in our day so we are here to pray that what You have Promised through the prophets will come to pass as we do our part to make it so now!

Father, we seek the fulfillment of kicking out of the office of our government those who are illegally there!  That You will kick out the jackals and cheaters and betrayers that they will go flying for Lord You know Your people voted in the rightful one You have anointed for such a time as this.  So we hold strong to the truth of what we have voted for and You Lord  have seen our vote so it is by Your Might and Power that the rightful one will be returned as quickly as can be! And we know You will get all the glory for Your Will will be done on earth as it is in heaven! We decree and stand firm on Your Word now!

Father we are hee to decree that the coup that they have done to us is at and end!  That all those who have partaken in it by advocating this injustice and charade of certifying a crime against the people is brought to Justice! Father, they know what they have done!  Let them face what they have done and be brought to shame! Let them be tried for treason in the tribunals as your prophets have spoken.  Lord this is the great round up of evil and those who have promoted and been a part of this great treachery against the people of America, but not only here but across the earth. 

Lord God we bring before you all those who are in the media calling themselves wise and yet speak only falsehood and cover up the truth and falsify the real actions of America. Lord You are a God of Mercy only if one truly repents and shows their heart is truly set on changing their life of lies to the truth You have given them time to make that repentance but those who have harden their hearts against You may Your Will be fulfilled in what You do with the unrepentant!  We know You will not be mocked  and You are Just God so to let it be known and seen in our day! Justice reign in our land.  Law and order return to our cities and on our streets!  In Jesus we proclaim it!

Lord, Your prophets have warned us of the shaking taking place, volcanoes erupting and signs in the heavens showing us You are at work ad that You are re-setting us to fulfill what You have promised.  Father, we are here to stand firm on the Rock, Jesus the Christ, that all the environment will shake but You protect Your own and we are made safe by being in the shadow of Your outstretched arm!  This not the end of time but the end of the era of the evil that has held us captive as Your prophets have said the end of the corrupt systems of religion, finances and other means of controlling Your loved ones, Yes us who are here in this moment to give Your our selves as a living sacrifices pleasing to You, God  so that we are here to fulfill Your Will!  To You be all the Glory and Honor forever and ever! Amen!

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