Feb 16, 2021

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We have been set free by the Blood of Yeshuah, free from sin and iniquity and slavery.

Your Son came to set the captives free, give sight to the blind, heal the broken hearted and establish Your Kingdom here on earth as it is in heaven. He fulfilled all that You asked Him to do so that we might be one with You and to live in harmony with one another! Father, we are so grateful that we are now under the rule of Your Son in our lives and we want to see manifest that it pervades across our nation of America and in Israel and any nation whose people are crying out to Yo for the freedom to worship You in spirit and truth! Lord, we are so grateful for the gift of the Holy Spirit who is sweeping across the land to awaken Your People that we have the power to overturn the enemy and to stop their aggressive attempts to stop what You have Promised us. In Jesus Mighty Name we proclaim we are free and we are boldly proclaiming He is Lord and Justice will prevail in our land now and into our future!

Father, Your Kingdom is established in Justice and so to here in America we want Your Justice to reign over us. Lord in these days when lies, deceit and false witness prevail we want a return to what our Covenant the Constitution says that our people our free and that we who live by Your Commandments will live in land filled with peace and harmony. Father, this nation has show its desire by the overwhelming vote of its people to re-elect President Trump and to this day still hold to the truth that has been denied us because of trickery and deceit. Lord Your prophets have said that You have promised 4 more years under President Trump so we stand firm in belief and now we will use our voice to speak it into existence in our prayers and in our actions when it is time!

Father, we speak out in prayer to our Justice system to render proper decisions to re- in-state President Trump and to certify our vote which was stolen from us. Lord, use us to bring down those who have lied, stolen and cheated for it is time for the end of those who are corrupt! Lord raise up those who are in a position to render Justice like our Supreme Court and the other judges that President Trump appointed! Enough of the charade we see in our government, we want a return of what was established through President Trump and those who were his true assistants. Lord give a backbone and a spine of steal to those who are in positions to make this happen. We know already those who are weak and compromised and those who are turn coats, so know bless and protect those who will do what is right and just in this hour! We know Your Mighty Hand is at work in our nation in this time as the prophets have told us so let Your Glory shine and the Light penetrate the darkness now so we will say when it happens Our God did this! We will all humbly acknowledge that we can do all things through Christ Jesus who is our strength. That we will see more and more of the righteous standing and making that which is meant to happen by Your Will for us happen now!

Father we are so thankful for the Healing Mercy You have given us through the Blood of Yeshuah so now we call upon it to wash us clean of all sickness and disease that has struck our land because of our lack of faith and proper care of our temples/bodies. Lord continue to awaken us to the truth that You have given us good men and women who can guide us to restoring us to health. That You desire us to be in good health and prosper in Your Divine Favor! Father in this moment of our prayer touch any among us who are suffering any kind of illness or sickness full restoration and healing! It is Your Will for none who serve You be in ill health. It is Your Perfect Will for us to be in good health and to be a ware of the means we have to live it. Thank You Father for the Precious Blood of Your Son has brought healing into our nation for we have repentant hearts and seek to worship and honor You in all that we are and do in this life You have given us. Thank You, Father God!

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