Apr 9, 2019

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Heavenly Father,

We seek Your Protection to keep us off the enemy’s radar and free from all of his plots, plans and sneaky ways that distract and confuse us.  May these stay in his camp and may all of the enemy’s followers fall on their own swords just as You destroyed armies of old to protect Your People Israel.  Lord We are here as Your Army.  We are armored up and ready to battle the enemy.  May the prayer we raise be a prophetic calling out.  As Your Prophet Kim Clement taught us: we are somewhere in the future and we look much better than we do right now! O God bring on the transition and make Your Army aware of all the potential that we carry in our armament!  Thank You Father for making us alive in this day!   We are here to push back the enemy and to keep the ground we have gained until Your return!

Father, through the authority of Your Son, Yeshuah, we speak to the evil spirits of Molech, Jezebel, and others.  They must fall before Your throne.  Let Your people be free!  All witches, warlocks and other minions of hell must be stopped and be encircled by Your Holy Angels.  They must cease and desist. The spells, incantations and false worship will fall on themselves. We will be free and protected from any of these fiery darts of the enemy.  They cannot harm us or detain us.  We will march forward to the Victory You have for us!

Father, we also speak prophetically into our assemblies that the spirit of religion, the spirit of judgmentalism and the fear of speaking out be stopped.  As we stand in the Righteousness of Your Son, Yeshuah we crush the head of these serpents and neutralize the venom that has infiltrated our ranks.  Cause more of Your people to awaken to all that You have for us.  That more and more will rise to listen to the prophetic voice of Mark Taylor and that we bring down these evil systems that have blinded and enslaved Your People.  Lord that the issue of the 501c3, and all other forms that limit Your people be abolished and struck from the laws that govern America and any other nation bound in the same way!

Father, we again say words of protection over our President Trump.  Give him wisdom from the Holy Spirit.  Place beside him those who are truly with him and who will fulfill the agenda that You have placed in his heart.  That you separate religious leaders from him who will not speak the truth to him or give him Godly counsel from You, O Lord!  Lord Your people cry out for Justice, and so Lord we are prepared to see the Hammer of Justice fall, and we are willing to face the consequences of such a moment.  Lord, we want to see those who have been treasonous and seditious towards America locked up.  We want them to receive the punishment they deserve.  We trust Your Just ways here on earth as they are in heaven.  The destruction of the enemy and his forces is a part of Your Plan!   Yes, the opportunity for Salvation is here, but free choice is part of the plan too.  We are not here to feel sorry for them, but only to point the way and let free choice be each person’s right.   We are united as Your Army and we stand for Your Commands and follow Your Plans and all that it entails.

Father, we come against the enemy’s  use of disease and illness amongst your children.  Your plan is to have us healthy and able bodied.  Awake Your people to take proper care of themselves in what they put into their body for nourishment.  That we become more and more aware of how the enemy has used food and drink to poison us, and make us weak and deprive us of the full life You have always planned for us.  You want us well.  We apply the Healing Power of Yeshuah to all of our brothers and sisters in Your Army. Bring health, restoration and awareness of the power of that which You planned from the beginning.  Our natural environment has the ability to nurture us.  O, Lord, help us develop a new respect for all that You have given us, so we can walk in Divine Health.

Father we have special requests:  We bring to you Coach Dave Daubenmire and his ministry of salt and light  to bring healing into the state of Ohio, especially this weekend.  We pray Lord for each of our Brigades and their Captains to continue to be watchmen on the wall to keep each state aligned with the agenda you have for America!  We especially bring before you all of the mothers and their newborns, that they will be protected.  We want fathers to use their proper authority to protect and raise up these families according to Your Plan and Destiny for each of us.

Now, Lord, hear Your Army gathered here now with the rest of what we bring before You.  We are grateful You hear us and answer us as we raise our voice in the Name of Your Son, Yeshuah, and in unity of the Holy Spirit. Amen!

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