Feb 23, 2021

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Heavenly Father,

Protect and bless us as we draw close to Your Heart for we are here to worship and praise You. Knowing Your Heart is why we are here and why we are seeking Your Perfect Will in all we do and say this day and all the days ahead of us. We thank You for the Gift of Your Son who in loving us has really shown us Your Heart and so in this time we are together may we like Him worship You in spirit and truth! May we grow stronger in our Love for You and follow Your Command Your Son said to us love one another as I have loved you! Father it is Your Heart that love fill the whole earth and all of us as Your Family and to build You a Sanctuary among us so that You fill us with Your Presence and we will see Your Glory shine in us and in one another.

Father, it is Your Call that our hearts be a Sanctuary for Your Presence and that all we do and say will be used to draw the lost, the abandoned, the sick and the lame and the widow and orphan into the Love found in Your Sanctuary among us. Lord, we know it is Your desire that none should perish so we intercede for them and that all of our actions draw men to see Your Presence in us and around us! We are here Father, to gladly and willingly be used to offer Sanctuary to all who seek to know You and to be saved by the Blood of Your Son, Jesus the Christ!

Father, fulfilling Your Perfect Will is our desire and goal and You have spoken through Your Prophets that in our land we are to lead by the ones You have anointed to lead us. Father we have shown You we want what You want in re- electing President Trump. But the enemy has planted weeds among our crop. So Lord, we intercede that the harvest begin by separating the wheat from the chaff on the the threshing floor where we have built our altar to worship and praise You! Lord the enemy has stolen from us that which we have desired, so give us the Wisdom now to move and o what needs to be done to restore what the prophets have said is to be! Let Your Holy Fire burn up the chaff that is among us so that we will see Your Magnificent Glory change what man has done in shame and let us return to the Plan You have given us and fulfill it now here in America, Israel and across the earth!

Father, one thing that You have made that is sacred and holy is the womb of woman for it is the privilege to bear and grow life in a child who is our future and a sign of Your Presence in our lives. Father, we have made a mockery of this sacredness by allowing it is a woman’s body and she can do what she wants with it and allowing abortion to be in the land. Now is the time Lord for us to rise and give voice to change the laws and to stand firm that all life is Precious and it is our Gift to us! Lord, we seek the strength to stop the Hamans and jackals that have stolen the offices of authority to re-in-state this abomination in our land. Lord, we speak in the authority of Jesus this stops now and we will see the anointed return to lead us and stop this! Lord, let Your Mighty had of Justice strike the enemy now just as You did for the Hebrew children in their time of deliverance from Pharaoh and his army. By the Blood of Jesus wash away this iniquity from our land!

Father, it our prayer that the covenant You made with us be completely restored and that the righteous will arise to return us to live by Justice as is in our Constitution. Father, You have been exposing the corruption in our land even in the highest court so now let the plan to overcome this and destroy the corruption be brought forth now in such a way that You get all the Glory and this nation will know it is You, who love us and have called us to be Light like Your Son Jesus in this day and in this hour! So shall it be Lord! What You Will is what we freely accept and use our will power to fulfill. Thank You, Father in the wonderful name of Jesus as we are here in the Unity of the Holy Spirit! Amen!

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