May 28, 2020

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Heavenly Father,

We place ourselves in Your Hands seeking to be under Your protective Wing to keep us safe from any of the firey darts of the enemy.. Place Your holy Angels around so that these moments we spend with You the enemy will be distracted and nothing will interfere with our time with You even technically to be open and under the guidance and direction of the Holy Spirit!  Lord we are here to give You all the Glory, praise and honor in thanksgiving.  We are Your Army Father, and we stand under the banner of our Lord Jesus Christ for it is by His Blood that we are made whole and clean to serve You and be one with Your heart all of our days!

We lift up to You our nation O Lord that it may be cleansed of all that has been used to destroy us as a nation.  That all those who have willfully and deceptively brought us to the brink of destruction by their power hungry grabbing and keeping us captive to demonic attitudes of a world ruled by evil and those who would make themselves gods against You O Lord!  As You formed Your people in the wilderness under Moses now You are forming us and preparing us for the Next Wave of Your Might and Power as we prepare to remember the day You gave Your people the 10 Commandments and it is also a time to remember the birth of Your Church/Sacred Assembly by the outpouring of the Holy Spirit!  Lord that we will have open hearts hungry and thirsty for the Holy Spirit to fill us with Power.  A power that has been hidden from us and has been ignored for so long by shepherds who were more interested in fattening themselves than tending to the sheep as You have always wanted.  Lord, that we will have more shepherds who will be a direct imitation of of Your Son, willing to give their life for the flock.  Lord, as we did yesterday we remembered those who have given their lives to keep America free may we walk forward with a renewed spirit to be bold and courageous in professing Jesus Christ is Lord and America is a Kingdom Nation now forever.

Father put special protection over our President Trump and all those who in this day are bringing to Justice the deep state that is filled with evil to make America a nation subject to the world order and other demonic ideas of captivity and control.  Give our AG William Barr  and all those who are working with him insights from the Holy Spirit to bring about the destruction and deliverance from the deep state.  Let more and more revelation come to make us more aware of how Your plan to save us as Light of Hope to the world is being fulfilled now by those You have anointed to lead us and You are continuing to raise up in this hour to be people of righteousness!  Lord as the prophets of our day have proclaimed You have a plan and it will be fulfilled in our day and we as Your people pray it to be so and are in agreement with Your Word for we are here to live it and be it now and for the future!

Lord, in our moments alone with You let us see how valuable and worthy we are to You.  That You have bought us at a great price the Love poured out by Your Son, Jesus the Christ.  Lord we are more than just a number we are Yours our hearts are committed to You and we are here to do Your Will.  Let it unfold before us now as we will see as Your see and be the clay You will form into the Image of your Son so that the world will know You love us with an everlasting love and all we must do is regret anything that has displeased Your heart, so that we repent and know Your forgiveness covers us and so we are made one in Your Family that pleases You and delights Your heart.  Thank You Father in the Name of Your Son, Jesus in the Unity of the Holy Spirit! Amen!

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