May 13, 2020

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Heavenly Father,

Because of the Blood of Your Son we are washed clean of sin and made holy to stand in Your Presence to give You Glory, Honor and praise in Thanksgiving.  We truly are a blessed people for You have made everything to be in our favor.  Your son has already defeated our enemy and given us the Authority to bring down the strongman and to destroy the strongholds that have infiltrated our land.  We are here Father, as the prophetic word has been spoken over us: We will recover and our enemies will be beneath our feet, for Justice is our foundation of our nation and we live by the Law based on Your Word: to Love You with all our strength and all that is in us and to love our neighbor as ourselves.

Lord, because of Your Son we have everything we need to spread the kingdom and to defeat any who stand against us.  All because of Your Love poured out on us and in us so that we are more than conquerors and all things are possible by Fiath in Christ Jesus!

Father, by Faith we decree and declare this virus and all forms of this are now void of any power over us.  We stand in Faith to face any fear that the enemy speaks against us.  This has passed and now the recovery has begun. Continue to give Wisdom to President Trump as he leads our nation into recovery and to bring about law and order and that all of the treasonous acts committed against our nation no matter if they be a president or any member of our system of government that they will be exposed and brought to Justice and as Your Prophet, Mark Taylor and others have said it is the end of the corruption and righteousness will rule in our nation and any nation whose God is You O Lord!

We decree and declare that the voices of the enemy and all those who speak falsehood and promote fear and chaos shall be shattered.  For the word is repent and make recompense or face the consequences of your evil ways.  Lord for too long Your people have been held captive and been deceived by those who have given themselves over to the bribe and the ways of personal gain to the  destruction and abuse of the innocent and to death to even the unborn and to the killing of our children for the evil purposes of blood to the devil who is no god but a false lie of the evil that is in man’s heart.  Lord continue to set us free to comprehend and understand Your Ways are the only way in which we will find Peace and a life of brotherly love and honor and respect for one another.  Lord that we will see the value and worth that You have for us and that we are created in Your image and all that we do that is in harmony with You brings about the fulfillment of the Your kingdom here on earth as it is in Heaven!

Father, we decree and declare that those You have anointed to lead us in worship and prayer be covered and protected to fulfill their calling to lead!  That those who are wolves in sheep clothing will continue to be revealed and their shame exposed, especially if they have participated in any form of child abuse, sex trafficking and false teachings that have distorted the Gospel and made our churches dens of iniquity instead of houses of prayer!  That like Your Son, we stand and take the whip of Righteousness and overturn the tables of the money changers and drive out those who have desecrated our worship that we will give You true worship in spirit and truth!  Lord, we thank You for blessing us with men and women like Russ Wagner, Dave Daubenmire and others who show us the way to protest against the evil that have made us slaves to false gods and been silent as dumb sheep without the ability to speak or stand against the evil that has overtaken us and kept us from the Truth as is found in Your Word.  Lord we give You praise for setting us free now and that more and more we are running from the condemned systems of religion and false thinking that there is such a thing as separation of church and state.  We are a free people and we were established to be free in our proclaiming that Jesus is Lord and we are nation built on the foundation of the Word!  Praise be to God  for we are being restored and re-established as a nation set apart to do God’s Will and spread the Gospel around the earth.  We are so grateful to be alive in such a time as this for We are Your people Lord and we are Your Warriors of Your kingdom Army.  Proud to say we are Yours and we serve no other!  We speak these words in jesus wonderful and awesome Name Amen!

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