Jan 29, 2021

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Heavenly Father,

Let Your Holy Fire burn within our hearts to move us and inspire us to move forward in this Battle to save America! We will not stop in our defense of Your Kingdom and we know that as we win in the spirit we will see Your Might Hand manifest in all that is to happen in these days! Father, we are here to remain faithful in standing firm in the the prophetic word You have spoken through these righteous men and women who listen with their heart to all that You reveal. As Your prophet Amos has spoken You always reveal to Your prophets what You plan to do. Father we are here listening to Your Heart so speak to us today and manifest Your Presence so that the demons shake and those who are in darkness will be in confusion and chaos for when we say the Name of Jesus they tremble and cower from the scene. Lord we proclaim it all the louder Jesus is Lord and His Blood washes America clean from the lies and deceit of those who are in rebellion against You! Father, in this hour we speak Your Word the gates of hell will not prevail and no weapon formed against will prosper!

Father with the authority of Jesus we proclaim that all of these lies and those who have cheated and been a part of taking over will be brought to Justice and all that they are attempting to do now will come to naught. Lord, You know that President Trump is still the one America voted for and no one can keep that truth from being exposed and those who live the lie and say it is true will soon choke on their words and will see their shame exposed as the Hammer of Justice falls. Our nation is a nation that chose to re-elect President Trump and those who have taken over are not uniting us or covering us with protection, but are in the process of destroying everything that has been started to make us free and to again be a nation that is under Your rule. Lord let the truth be revealed and raise up the men and women who will overturn that which is a lie be courageous and bold in all that they are called to do in this hour. We know Lord, it is not over and Your Will be done in us and through us as we follow Your Word and pray for the manifestation of Your Glory in this day. This the day You have made so we are glad and rejoice in it for we know that Your Will be done here on earth as it is in heaven!

Father, we hunger for a movement of Your Spirit in our land that will manifest Your Glory and we will see millions running to Your Cross looking for the Truth and wanting to be a part of Your Kingdom now and for all eternity! Lord, America has voted for life and has chosen to follow Your anointed it is time now to make it manifest and that those who lied and cheated be brought to their knees before the tribunals You have told us will happen. We know that it is time for corrupt to be arrested and face the criminal acts they have committed. Release Your Holy Fire now! Manifest Your Glory as You Passover America from captivity into true freedom. For whom the Son sets free is free indeed! And we pray with the Psalmist: You Lord are our Rock, our fortress and deliverer, my God, my Rock in whom we trust for You are our Shield, the Lord in whom we are saved from all our enemies! You have heard our cry to deliver us from our enemies! Let it be now Lord for we place our trust in You! Amen and it is so!

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