Nov 20, 2019

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​Heavenly Father,

We are here in Your presence!  Forgive us for not recognizing that You are always present in us and around us.  Yes, Lord the very breath we take is from you and your plan for us.  Everything that we do and are a part of is filled with Your Presence.  You have promised that You would never leave us or forsake us and You show it in every breath I take and everything I see and everything that I do for You! You are the only true God and there is no other, there is no one like You.  We have been so foolish sometime when we are more scared of the devil and the veil force when they are really nothing like You.  They have no power and they have no ability to alter the course of our life unless we choose to align with their evilness and choose to give our minds and wills over into that darkness!  How foolish we are Lord, we make movies and watch them and show our children that the devil is a God like You!  O Lord forgive us!  Your Word tells us there is none like You!  Father how foolish we have been, but no longer Lord we have been set free through the Blood of Your Son, Jesus/Yeshuah!  Because we have knelt at the foot of the Cross  our sins are forgiven and we are new creatures in Christ Jesus and our spirits have been born again and now we are a work in progress as we renew our minds and heal our souls through Grace and Mercy!

Father our hearts are ready to receive all that You have planned for us.  We are so grateful to be alive in this day a day You have made so we rejoice in it.  We see the miracle of life all around us in creation and in everyone we meet, everyone we love and cherish.  Forgive us Lord that we have been so blind and so deaf to the Truth that Your Holy Spirit reveals to us everyday!  Father, as we lift up ur prayers to You we know that You hear us and You do answer us when our heart is in harmony with Your Heart and so we give You our will..not our will but Your Will be done on earth as it is in heaven.  We are so grateful for Your Angels are all around us and they are glad to help us to fulfill Your Will here on earth!  We know they rejoice in Your Presence always especially when they see we ar helping one another in being Your Family as You have always wanted and Your desire to dwell with us will soon come to pass as we walk by Faith to make Your Kingdom come, Your Will be done now and forever!

Father, we have heard the words of Your Prophets Kim Clement, Mark Taylor, Mike Thompson and so many others in our day especially if their heart is in harmony with Your Heart!  There are glorious plans unfolding before us even in this moment!  We are thankful for the gift of President Trump and those who are righteous with him to bring us out of the captivity of the oppression of debt and plots to take away our freedoms and especially to destroy America.  So in respoonse Lord we seek complete protection for our President and all those who are in this hour bringing Justice to bear and those who are corrupt are being arrested and face the punishment they deserve and to bring about a recompense for all that has been stolen and taken from us for a small amount to a large amount.  You said in Your Word that the return would be 7 fold larger.  We are so grateful that this has started now and we will see it happen each day as we hear of the  ways  Justice is prevailing!  No longer do we need to hear the lies and deceit of the news media as their source of income are drying up and people are seeking the Truth from other sources: men and women who are willing to tell and reveal the Truth! Protect them all and give them all they need to continue to do the work of revealing the Truth.  We

Seek the Holy Spirit’s gifts and Resurrection Power to knock out all that is false and bring in the Truth!   Thank You Father, for this wondrous gift of the Holy Spirit our best friend and comforter in all we go through!  Father it is because of Him we have this beautiful gift You have brought to us called the Strike Force of Prayer and may all that have joined always be blessed and be in harmony with Your Heart and see the fulfillment of all that we pray for  to make America a shining Light in the World and to bring other nations into the Kingdom and be under Your reign and rule!   Thank you Father for each who are in harmony with us as we pray!  We give You all the Glory and Honor!

Father there are many things we want to be prepared for and to seek Your answers to tha t still need to be solved here in America: like our voting being cleared up of all outside influence by those who have corrupted it!  Keep us aware of searching and encouraging those You have anointed to run for office and hold places of leadership whether it be the federal, state or local level.  Lord wake up us to do our part and to not just have an attitude that someone will do it..when we do nothing, nothing gets done!  Lord shake us out of our lethargy and comfort zones to do the work You have written in our books to fulfill!  We are Your children Father so we are here to do Your Will.  It is so! Amen!

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