Feb 7, 2020

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Heavenly Father,

We are here in the Name of Your Son, Yeshuah/Jesus fo we know when we pray in His Name we are able to draw closer to You and that You hear us because He is with You on the Throne and so we are well covered by His Blood and the Holy Spirit is in us and He guides us in what we are to say and even if we do not know what to say He will move us to even groan out from our spirit to You, Father!

We are all set and we give You all the Glory and Praise for what You have already done, what You have begun now and will continue to bring to us according to your Holy Will!  No out will but your will be don on earth as it is in heaven!

Father, our prayer is to take on the Mind of Christ Jesus Your Son.  To see the world and one another has He has shown us to see! To see with the eyes of Faith and that believing w can move mountains and bring to pass the Promises You have made to us through the words of Your prophets even in this day! You have great plans for us and so we are here to accept Your Word and live by Your Commands.  We are Your Army of Prayer Warriors here to defend the Truth and to march forward spreading the Your Kingdom wherever we step.. We are confident because You are our source of courage and boldness to speak the Truth and to walk in the Light no matter how dark it is around us for You will never leave us or forsake us!

Father, we continue our intercession for President Trump to protect him from all of his enemies,

even those whom say they are of his party. Lord, that all Americans will awaken to see the foolish ways in which he is attacked and that even so Your anointing holds fast and those who mock, ridicule or degrade in anyway will soon face the error of their ways and find themselves in the dust bin of history and fall beneath the Hammer of justice.  Lord, now is a good time to continue the separation of the sheep from the goats.  To separate those who say they know You, but You can say away from me I never knew you!  Lord, we continue to intercede that the prophetic word that was spoken about what is to happen in our day will come to pass and no matter what the enemy screams it will not come to pass only Your plans and Your will be done!  What You hate, we hate lying lips and deceiving words!

Father, we seek to be flexible in our thoughts words and deeds in all You have assigned us to do. That our rigid thinking that things can only be done way will be broken off of us as You show us You are a God of surprises and even though You never change Your thoughts are not our thoughts and your Ways are not our ways.  We are here to do Your Will!  We want our hearts to be like Yours to weep for those who are lost and abandoned or abused and hurt by the evil atrocities of abortion, sex trafficking, sexual perversion in all its forms.  Lord as You weep for all who are lost put on our hearts to weep and seek answers and solutions by the Wisdom of the holy Spirit to speak and act our our Faith to save and change this fallen world and bring the lost to a clear understanding of your Love and mercy for them!

Father, we pray for all of those who have joined the ranks of the Strike Force of prayer, all those who participate in these prayer calls whether national or state or in other countries that they be protected by Your Holy Angels from any assault of the enemy physically, mentally or spiritually.  That each will walk in Divine Favor and Divine Health.  That any of these on this call or are with us now and hear my voice even later that You touch them with the healing Love that make us new and restores us to fullness of life and to be in life with abundance!

Father today we especially pray for all those who are going through any type of mental upsetness, whether it be from past experiences or anguish they are facing now.  Lord ease their mind and Holy Spirit reveal to them the truth and give them new ways of thinking and seeing life!  Give them a special touch in the depth of the darkness they feel to see that there is Hope never ending and a Love that heals and restores and reforms life to keep us on the path to be one with you, Father and that You are always with them and will never leave them or forsake them! That the devil and all the evil forces that we are told about are not God and have no power over us unless we given into those thoughts.  That there is only One God who has all Power and Might and You love each of us with an intense love just like the love You have for Your Son, Jesus the Christ our Savior and Lord! Amen! Alleluia!

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