Feb 12, 2020

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Heavenly Father,

We open our hearts to sing the song that You have placed in us! A song of Victory that sings praise to You for all You have done for us. It is a song of joy because it is a song of Salvation by the Blood of Your Son, Jesus the Christ! Father we want our voice to sing in Harmony with You as You sing over us a song that fills us with Light, Love and Life!  You are a part of every breath we take and You Presence fills us with Faith, Hope and Love that is never ending and we are here to share it with all You have place in our life from our spouse to our family, to our neighbor and even over our enemies! It is a song of Freedom: freedom from sin and all iniquity! Freedom to worship You without fear and to speak the Truth no matter who is against it.  A song You have placed in us so we gladly sing Your praises and give You all the Glory!

Father, we sing a song of Faith over our youth that they may not be deceived by the music industry that is controlled by evil puppet masters.  We pray prophetically to break the chains that bind all those who are caught in the glory of popularity and the attraction of worldly wealth and prestige. Lord that more of these artists of music and song will break their ties to this industry and truly bring forth music to uplift us and recognize that this talent is from You and that you are the source of all inspiration!  Lord that all of this wonderful talent will truly sing a song song that gives You praise and draws us all closer to the Truth and to live life to the full as You have designed us to be!  Lord, for too long we have let the world have mastery over even our worship songs that make us feel good thinking that You are present when it is You we must please and glorify!  Lord that we will have more discernment to worship You in spirit and truth!

Father, that Your present day children of Israel who have returned to Your land You have given them may again sing the songs of the Torah that speak of Your Majestic ways of saving them that now these songs will be a means to truly know Your Son Yeshuah as their Messiah.  That more and more of Your people of Israel will know the truth so that the song they raise will be in harmony with us their brothers and sisters in Your Family that has bee born again through Jesus the Christ!  That the songs of tradition will be sung for the fulfillment that Your Son has brought to all of us so we will be one people as You have always wanted that all nations will know Your Power and your Glory now and for all eternity!

Father, we continue to bring before You the protection of our President Trump and the song You have placed in his heart to make America truly a land that is free to worship You and live in accord with Your Commands and Your Will.  That the Hammer of Justice will fall on all those who have deceived us by changing the song we sing into a false worship in the world of evil.  We are here Lord to return and sing the song to give You all the Glory & praise!  There is no other god but You Father!  We reject and stand against any making us have a one world religion blending all religions into one.  That all of those who promote this one world religion will be brought to their knees to either truly change or face  the consequences of false worship.  The god they worship is not You, Lord and we reject it and stand in worship of You, the God of Loving Kindness and Mercy to all who seek You and draw closer to You each moment of our lives!

Father, in these times we are in we seek to find and more who are willing to be righteous and take on the duties to make America a land of the covenant that established us 400 years ago.  That we will be a land that our fathers and mothers of the Faith have given us through their blood sweat and tears.  That the prayers they raised will continue to echo throughout our land and we now stand in agreement with those prayers and continue as our great leaders did, like Washington, Lincoln and others call on Your Name to bless and guide America to be a land of the free and home of the brave a land that is nation of the Kingdom!  Lord, that more and more Americans will awaken to our civic duty to take up the cross, deny our selfishness and walk in step with Your Son, Jesus the Christ!  Lord continue to bless us  and give us boldness of Faith to speak out the Gospel and live in accord with Your Will and Plan for us now for all eternity. Amen!  It is so now and ever shall be Amen!

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