Aug 16, 2020

Listen to the Prayer Audio:

We are here putting on the full armor of Jesus the Christ.  We are covered by His Blood and so all sin and iniquity is washed away.  We stand right now in Your Robe of Righteousness and by Your Son, we have the authority to bring down the strongman and his strongholds here in our own lives and the life of our nation.  Lord we are here to use the fire of the Holy Spirit by the prayers and intercession we raise to bring into sharp focus Your Kingdom here on earth as it is in heaven.  Father, just as Your Kingdom is based on Justice and everyone does Your Perfect Will we too here Your soldiers of the Kingdom we decree and declare that Justice is the establishment of our nation and the just laws we live by so that we will be in harmony with You and one another.

Father we take up the sword of Faith, a sharp two edged sword to strike down the strongholds here in America where lawlessness has been allowed to put people in fear and being unprotected from those who use violence to kill steal and destroy.  Lord God we call down the fire of Your Word to crush and destroy the spirits of rebellion and witchcraft.  Lord we see in our cities like Seattle, Portland  and Chicago where the leaders are weak and afraid to speak truth and to defend truth.  Where there is a cry to defund the police and those called to protect and serve.  Lord we speak in Your Courtroom that these leaders be removed immediately and be replaced by those like President Trump are not afraid to let Justice and Truth prevail and to return to these cities and all across our land.  Lord, as the elections draw near keep making your people aware that they have the authority to bring about change and to return to law and order by praying and voting to do our part in the Plans and Commands You want us fulfill so that we are in perfect order with Your Will to make America a land like Israel of old a land where Your Word is lived and spoken freely in every circumstance!  Lord we are a nation under the Banner of Jesus the Christ, just as we are founded to be!

Father, to have Justice prevail in the land we protect special men who are in leadership like AG Barr, Investigators like Durham, Whitman and others who are doing their duty to bring those who are corrupt to Justice!  That it makes no difference what their names are be they rich or famous that they will face Justice for promoting  and supporting the ruination and destruction of America.  Whether it be a President, a Senator or Congressman or Justice on the Supreme Court if they have taken the bribe and have selfishly found ways to avoid the law and think that they are above the law may all of that false protection and deceit be crashed down around them.  Just as Haman I the book of Esther was hung on the scaffold he planned for the righteous so now may those who have been involved in this treason, sedition and ultimate betrayal may they face gibbet of shame and be served the punishment they deserve.

Lord we speak these words which to some may sound harsh or cruel that their eyes be opened to the fact that You are a Just God and no rebellion or witchcraft be allowed in Your Presence so too for us Lord.  That more and more we will wake up to who each of us as believers in Christ Jesus we havee the authority to proclaim this!  That yes, we are weak but when covered by Your Son’s Blood we are anew creation and You see us as valuable and worthwhile to You. That we are not perfect but as President John F. Kennedy spoke His work is in our hands here on earth to bring to pass what He has planned.  We are the foot soldiers of God or we become the pawns of the evil one, it is our choice.  As for me and my household we will serve the Lord.  For He has not given us a spirit of fear but of love and a strong mind to over come the enemy.  We are in it to win it Father!  Let Your Holy Spirit blow across America  a Mighty Wind that will bring about a tsunami of victory and a renewed and restored spirit in America that we are a Kingdom Nation now and forever. Amen! It is so!  We stand in Blessed Assurance: this is our song Praising our Savior all day long!Q

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