Jan 4, 2021

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Heavenly Father,

As we step into a New Year here on the earth we come in repentance for all the mistakes and errors we made in this year of 2020. Especially when there were opportunities to speak up to defend the truth or to speak that we are followers of Yeshuah and we seek that Justice prevail in our land. We repent of listening to rumors or slander against the righteous men and women who are doing their best to serve our nation. We repent of all that has twisted or made a mockery of Your Son, Yeshuah in making us feel guilty when there was nothing to feel guilty about. We also repent of losing faith in what has been spoken to us by Your prophetic voices in this nation. But now Lord as we stand at the verge of a New Year we are here to move forward and stand firm to fight for what is right and true. We are here to defend President Trump and all those who are in righteousness aligned with him. We the People will show that it is not right to steal , lie and cheat to gain power over us. Lord we decree and declare this stealing the vote stops now and that the truth will be revealed. Lord let Your Hand swat down all those who are standing in the way of Justice and attempting to over throw that which You have established in the land. That even the voting in Georgia will be upheld without fraud and underhandness! Lord we intercede for the good people who are being honest in their voting. Bless all those who are being righteous and bring to naught all those who are involved with fraud and deception!

Father as we step into this New Year we give You glory and honor and thanksgiving for all that You have already blessed us with by having used President Trump in so many ways to uphold Life and bring back to America law and order and in so many ways has even spoken about Your Son, Jesus the Christ! Lord there is so much to be thankful for and we are confident that even more is about to unfold for the spreading of Your Kingdom here in our nation and Israel and other nations where Your People are calling out to You! Lord let Your Glory shine in these days and when miracles of change take place and when we see evil fall like lighting that You will receive all the Glory and mankind will say: God did this!

Father, we are here to re-dedicate ourselves to the covenant our nation has with You from the beginning and what we are established to be through our Constitution and and our commitment to the Covenant You have with us through the Blood of Your Son! Lord on this eve of New Year we proclaim what You promised in Your Word that when we listen diligently to Your Voice and obey Your Commands that You will set us up high above all nations of the earth and all Your blessings will come upon us and overtake us! That You will bless our land and that our enemies will be stricken before our face, that our enemies will come against us one way, but they will flee in seven ways. Lord may we see this happen now in this very time when this nation has overwhelming voted for Your anointed leader and let all those who have done this evil to us be smashed by the Hammer of Justice. That the righteous will arise stand firm to defeat our foes and shudder as they face the truth and see their shame exposed in this hour! Lord You have set before us a Great Victory in these early days of the New Year for our trust is in You as You make right that which is wrong in our day!

Thank You God for sparing our country and for raising us up to be a part of Your Great Harvest and the miracles that we will see flow from Your Hands! We have such confidence in You, Lord for all that You have Promised is coming to pass. We are ready Lord open the flood gates of heaven as we walk through the Red Sea on dry land and watch our enemy be drowned in Your flood of righteousness! Praise You, Lord! We have great Hope for our children and our children’s children as Your Promise is true and You will never leave us or forsake us. Your loving kindness covers us because of the Blood of Your Son, Jesus the Christ! Amen and Amen!

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