Aug 17, 2020

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Heavenly Father,

We come to You covered by the Blood of Your Son, Yeshuah/Jesus the Christ knowing that all sin has been washed away and we are here armored up to do battle against the evil forces attempting to over throw what You have established by covenant here in America.  We are the only land that has made a covenant with You like unto Israel.  We remember those who came here dedicated this land to You and established that they would live by Your Word as is found in the Sacred Scriptures and no other book has any meaning to us than the Scriptures!  Father, this covenant is still sacred to us and we are here to make sure we are under its banner over us.  Father, Your prophets even in this day who are true to Your Word speak to tell us You have great plans for us and as we repent and reject sin You will heal our land and make us strong again in our love for You as we follow Your Commands.  Jesus is our Lord and we proclaim Him so no matter what evil says against us.  We are here for You and we will fulfill that which You have planned for us!  Thank You, Father for making us Your Family and we love You with all our heart, soul and strength freely for You love us freely.  Thank You for Your blessings and all You give us in this hour to fight the evil forces,  but we know Your word is true! No weapon formed against us will prosper & we can do all things in Christ Jesus!

Father, by the authority given us by Your Son, Jesus we declare that as the Prophet Mark has spoken the corrupt are at their end.  We speak those words so that the strong holds that have been placed in our land will come crashing down today.  That evil  entities like Planned Parenthood, BLM and AntiFa are treasonous  and destructive to our nation. Lord we say put an end to them.  May the Hammer of Justice fall on them that either repent or face the punishment they deserve.  For us Lord there is no compromise with what is true either Jesus is Lord or one follows the enemy of our God.  Lord send Your Holy Angels to the cities and locations where they are causing chaos and confusion.  May their headquarters and camps be filled with self destruction and disorder that all their plots and schemes to disrupt our voting and way of living in harmony with one another come to a screeching halt!  Lord give President Trump, AG Barr and those in charge have Wisdom from the Holy Spirit to move in and stop the rioting and rebellion in our cities like Seattle, Portland and Chicago.  Lord You people are arising and worshiping and praying that this will end.  It is time now Lord for the Power of Justice to put an end to it all.  Father continue raise up men and women in righteousness who will boldly face the challenges and make the decisions that will restore law and order and harmony among us.

Father, we seek that there be and end to the resources that are used against us!  Dry up their finances and give Wisdom to President Trump to stop the flow of finances to these evil ones in charge. Lord, let Justice prevail against all who have taken the bribe or who made themselves rich off the hard work of Americans doing their best to protect and cover their families.  Lord it is time for the wealth of the wicked to be given to Your followers and that we will be good stewards of these blessings so that Your Kingdom is spread and we take care of the weak, the needy, the widow and the orphan.  Continue to bless those who dedicate their lives of service to those in need that what they do is like Jesus has said what we do for the least of these you do to me!  Lord fill us with compassion for those who have suffered harm and abuse that we will always show them the Love of Jesus.  What You have freely given to us now may we in return give to those who are in need to know Your Love through us!

Lord, we are mindful of the children, especially those who have been sold into the slavery of sex trafficking and other perverse ways of abuse.  As those who have given themselves over to doing these horrible abominations may they face the punishment they deserve and if their heart is so cold and show no sign of remorse let them feel the Mighty Weight of the Justice now.  As the words have been spoken Lock them up!  Lord these children are Your precious gift so we are here in this hour put a protective shield over them that they will be healed and given the opportunity to have a life filled with Your Love and to know how valuable and worthy You have created them to be.  Lord, now bestow on us the compassion to love and care for them as You care for us.  We pray this in the mighty Name of Jesus! Amen!@

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