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We come before You with repentant hearts seeking Your Guidance and Protection. Through Michael the Archangel and Your Warrior angels defend us in our battle with the enemy. As we humbly bring before You our prayers and intercession, take us off the enemy’s radar and all of his accusations against us!  Let nothing interfere with our sacred time with You.  Let all distractions and ploys of the enemy be silenced so that we will be of one mind, heart and voice giving You all the honor and praise!  Let the enemy be confused and be in disarray not knowing what we are doing in our battle against him.  All is for You, Father in unity with Your Son: Yeshua /Jesus the Christ!

Father, sometimes in our battles and struggles we grow weary and feel defeated and unable to go on and our vision becomes focus on the enemy as too strong or too big for us to handle!  But at these moments please embolden us in Faith to carry on our mission to turn back the darkness shining our Light bright to shatter the darkness!   That we be obedient even if others around us are disobedient towards Your Commandments of Kingdom!  Lord strengthen us in our resolve to be true and trustworthy warriors in Your Kingdom Army! Give us the vision to see the miraculous power unfolding before us as corruption and evil are exposed by the Light of our prayers!  That You are raising up believers in Yeshua/Jesus the Christ to become the leaders and fellow warriors to carry on the battle of taking back what the enemy of has stolen from us that we take back the land and expand the territory of the Kingdom!  As you promised wherever our feet tread that is ours! For You are with us, in us, over us and through us!  We are here to continue the growth of Your Kingdom here in our nation, America

Lord help us to be specific in bringing You our needs and the areas where we are battling as Your warriors!  Lord we repent of all the times we have been afraid to speak the Truth or reveal the Truth as You have shown us to do. To not be afraid in pointing out the Jezebel spirit that is around us by rose who deceive us in thinking they are Your followers, but our only wolves in sheep’s clothing.  We see this in politicians and yes even I those who call themselves Christians.  Remove these people from whatever position they hold!  Lord help us to discern whom we should follow and whom we should elect and whom we should listen to.  Lord bring us more trustworthy men and women who will govern us in Your Righteousness and Truth.  We seek this for America—our church and all those around us!  We pray in Jesus name, Amen.


Readings: Gen. 6/9-11?32 Isa 54/1-55/5  I Pet. 3/8-22

When we are united in prayer, mind, heart and purpose: nothing is impossible!

Divide and conquer is a tactic of the devil: it promotes racism and civil unrest in all of its wild protests and rebellion!

The Rainbow is a sign of God!  Take it back from the filth it is dragged through the LGBTQ stuff!

Are you battle weary:  Look to God’s promises like the rainbow!

No change without revelation of sin in our life and then repentance!

God tells us: Let us work together to perfect the world we live in and I created!

There is always hope!

Love always wins!  Truth is always right!

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