Aug 12, 2019

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Heavenly Father,

Your Prayer Warriors are here armored up ready and willing to follow Your Commands! We are here to serve You, Lord in whatever You have assigned us to do to spread the Your Kingdom and to strike down the advancing enemy during this time that the Hammer of Justice is smashing that which You have said must fall and be destroyed.  We thank You, Lord that You have Warrior Angels all around us to protect us and to be our strong assistance to turn the tide on the enemy at this time.

Father, You have brought it to our attention that the enemy is using the spirit of chaos and the assignment of terrorism in this hour!  In the Mighty Name of our Lord Jesus the Christ we strike down this attack by these spirits may they be left in the enemy’s camp and bring confusion and distrust among themselves so that they fall on their swords and bring destruction in their own camp!  Lord, protect Your People whom they have been sent to harm. 

That Your Holy Angels have a protective shield around us and we will be fully aware of where we are at every moment and the enemy will have no advantage over us.  Thank You for the warning through Your Prophet Mark Taylor and all those who hear Your Voice and warn us of what we are to face!

Father, bring calmness and peace into our Army’s camp.  No weapon formed against us will stand or be able to penetrate our shield of Faith.  We are here to intercede for our President and all who are in righteousness aligned with him in this hour of sweeping the enemy off his feet just as You did to the army of the Egyptians as they came against Your Chosen People in their day.  Lord with such a strong tradition and example of Faithful ones we are confident now that we will be victorious and that this onslaught of the enemy will come to naught! 

Keep out of harm’s way all those who are in the position to expose the evil that is around us.  Lord the many men and women who are willing to stand on the wall and point out the enemy they see we continue to see more and more of those who have deceived and betrayed America be brought to Justice and receive the just punishment due them now and if they will not repent to face You for the final Judgment!

Father, if there are any who are in our midst that are here to betray us or destroy Your Army let them be exposed and may the convicting power of the Holy Spirit weed them out and let them be left in the hands of Satan to face the reality that they are being led by the spirits of Jezebel, Leviathan, Baal and all forms of demonic activity that they have to renounce or be swept away from Your set apart ones, us who remain faithful in a humble, contrite spirit.  We call out to You Lord for we want to know You and have our hearts accept and respond to Your Heart!

Father, in this hour make us more aware that we are to guard against those influences and frequencies that are not of You.  That we keep an eye that sees into the heart of the matter and not distracted by material world around us that can be more of pitfall than a help.  To keep an ear that hears Your vice and is not distracted by the voices and sounds of the enemy by what is proclaimed by the false idols of the media and entertainment.  So, Lord, continue to send us conviction by the Holy Spirit to walk by Faith not by sight or feelings that are not of You!  Our eyes are on You Lord and we are receptive to the Kingdom in us and will follow You all the days of our lives. Amen!

Lord, this day we intercede for all of our brothers and sisters around the world who like us look to You as our only God and follow Jesus the Christ Your Son who has bestowed on us so great a grace of an abundant Life now and for all eternity.  We are so grateful for the Great Gift of the Holy Spirit who leads us and guides us into all Truth as You have Promised, Thank You Lord Amen and Alleluia!

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