Apr 25, 2019

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Heavenly Father,    

Here we are before you with humble contrite hearts.  We want to serve You in Your Kingdom Army.  We will obey You and we will pray our way through the battle plans You place before us today!  Lord, that we may have a heart like Yours purified by the Blood of Your Son and our Messiah, Yeshuah.  Lord, today mold us even more into the image of Your Son, so that others will see now is the day of the Lord. Lord, that we will be strong in faith and wield the sword of righteousness in our land of America so that we will be the land You have planned us to be from the beginning.  Lord, this is a time of the separation of the wheat from the chaff and sheep from the goats even in our own ranks.  We are here to serve only You and place our trust in You, that Your Will be done here as it is in heaven!

We seek, Lord, to be protected from any sneak attacks from the enemy.  Keep us well aware of his ploys as we are tempted and given thoughts that are not of us but of the evil frequencies he places in the air.  We seek to be taken off of his radar.  Please block any of his attempts to hold us back from walking in the Spirit. Use us to bring down the enemy and all of his plans to kill, steal and destroy!   We are free because of Your Son, Yeshuah in our hearts and so we are ready to walk in the victory You have planned for us even now in our time of prayer together!  As Your Son has said, he has seen Satan fall.  We can see him falling here in America and around the world as You are bringing about the strongest move on the earth since the day of Your Son’s Resurrection.  To You be all the Glory, Honor and Praise!

Lord first of all we repent of times when we have been selfish in our approach to life with our families, our spouses, our friends and anyone we have had to serve or help. We want — like Zacchaeus — to make up for anyone we have offended or lied or cheated.  Lord, we want to love as Your Son loved and to give forgiveness where forgiveness is needed. At the same time to stand for righteousness and Truth.  To speak clearly the Truth and to protect any and all who reveal the Truth and point out what needs to be changed in our land and those who govern us.  It truly is a time to separate and reveal those who have falsely taken up power that is not rightfully theirs.  It is time, Lord, to bring down those who have deceived us, and who have been selfish in their leadership, whether it be in government or even in our churches/assemblies!  We repent if we have foolishly elected anyone into office who is not anointed of You or chosen by You for us to follow!  Open our eyes even more to see the wicked.  Bring down all that is destructive and lift up by prayer and support those You have chosen to lead in such a time as this!

Lord we intercede that this revelation of all those in child trafficking, child sacrifice and all other perversions be brought to face their evil and that proper punishment for these crimes be given in Justice.  We too hate these sins and want them stopped and want to love and cherish these children and give them the healing love and mentoring they need now and into their future!  Lord continue to bless all those men and women You have raised up to save the children, especially the unborn!  Lord, we no longer need to be playing games with fund raising to say we are going to do something.  It is time Lord that the actions be taken and all of this stop now on our watch!  Lord, children are Your Gift to us and so they are sacred to us and we will love, honor and cherish every child!  Lord, that more will rise up to instruct & teach according to Your Holy Word!  Thank You, Father, for each one who is willing to sacrifice and to give unto this rising generation!

Father, today we want to place before You all who are wounded and feel weak in their walk of life — especially those whom we find in prostitution, drug addiction, homelessness and all addictions that limit their freedom or hamper their growth into the destiny You have planned for them.  Lord as You place them before us, we seek their salvation and redemption from all of these ills so that they will be able to live lives that are fulfilling and be a part of the giving that You ask all of us to do!  Bless all those who are willing to sacrifice and serve their wounded brothers and sisters, and we are here now to support them with our prayers and any means You place at our disposal to help.   Thank You Father for a heart like Yours in our midst as we seek to do Your Will!

We know Father that there is so much to pray for so hear our brothers and sisters now in this time as they raise up that which You have placed on their heart to pray for.  Let the Holy Spirit raise up our voices now in unity and love through Yeshuah our Messiah and Redeemer. Amen

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