Jul 27, 2018

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Heavenly Father,

We call You Father/ABBA because of what Your Son, Yeshua has done for us through the sacrifice of His Life for ours!  Father, His Blood has washed us clean and so we are Your children reborn into Your Family.  We are so grateful and thankful for this Gift!  So, Father, we want to share it with all those you put in our care our spouse, our, children, our friends, our neighbors and yes, Lord even our enemies.  We are here to be an image, a likeness of Your Son, Yeshua right where we are!

Father, we are here together to pray as one voice to praise You, to honor You, and give You glory for all that You have given us as we live our lives in this great land You bestowed on us.  Your America, a land of milk and honey.  Lord we are here as Your Army to defend and increase and multiply what You have given us until You return in Glory!

Father we can rightfully call ourselves Your Army, an Army of Warriors for Your Kingdom.  We are so valuable to You!  We are more valuable to You than anything You have created.  Because we are so valuable to You we see how valuable one another around us are.  We see how valuable life is! How important it is to be one with Your Son and to walk in love as He did.  Father thank You for this great privilege of living in Your Kingdom now and into eternity!

Father, we are here now to intercede for all those who do not see their worth or value in Your eyes.  We intercede for all those who have been abused especially the children, the unborn those who have been sacrificed wrongly on the altar of Baal  As the prophets of old and in the authority of Your Son, we strike with the Sword of Righteousness all that is involved with pedophilia, child abuse & sacrifice, pornography, sex trafficking and prostitution.  Lord forgive us for a such terrible sins that have been allowed to be practiced in this land on the land and underground in caves, tunnels  and caverns.  Lord expose it to the Light and may Justice prevail to bring it to destruction and prosecute those who are involved with abomination in America!  Five courage, bravery and protection to President Trump and all the men and women in the military, law enforcement and other forms of fighting this and doing their best to put an end to it here in America and other nations in the same fight.  We stand with those who are here to protect, care for and rescue the children, all the young who are caught up in it.  Lord, in the authority of Yeshua, we command this abomination to stop!  We command those who are involved in it in any way repent!  We say let Justice prevail and let the consequences of these actions be suffered by all who have allowed it to be so in our America!  Purify our Land now in Yeshua’s Name. Amen!

Father, give us more compassion to raise our children in righteousness!  Give encouragement through Your Love to all those who fight for the unborn and our willing to even willing to loose their lives so that the unborn and all children can live!  Father we proclaim over all women that are at this moment struggling with the decision for the child in their womb to choose life!  That at this moment the love of God enter in to their presence so that they know how valuable life is to You!  Touch these women with Your love to stop and realize the value of life in that is in them.  Lord we proclaim over them the Truth to save life!  We proclaim over every clinic, hospital, doctor and staff that all abortion in our land stop now!

Father, we value life, our own and the lives of all those around us.  Make our land a land of Life  that all lives are valuable and non should perish.  Father forgive us and touch those whose lives have been damaged by an abortion that they will experience the loving compassion you have for all.  Father, let everyone see the value of life now! In Yeshua’s name! Amen!

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