Jul 26, 2018

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Heavenly Father,

As Your repentant children we come under the shadow of Your Wings to be protected from all the attacks of the enemy.  Keep us off the enemy’s radar and stir up confusion and disobedience in their camp!  Let all of their evil ploys come to nothing and even their latest plots be utterly frustrated and stopped!

Thank You, Father, for putting America back on course through President Trump and all You have anointed and appointed as leaders for such a time as this. Lord, we are truly grateful for turning things around in our house to the White House.  We are grateful that You have assigned leaders who are people of prayer and have hearts that search out Your ways, O Lord, so that they will lead us on the path of righteousness.

Father, instill in our hearts more courage and boldness to take back all that was stolen by the enemy and that we will hold it until You return.  We recognize everything that You have given us is a treasure that is precious and we cherish it to give to our children and our children’s children and beyond our imagining, just as You promised Abraham that his children would be on the amount of the stars in heavens or the grains of sand on the sea shore.  We give You glory, honor and praise!

Father as the Holy Spirit continues to reveal all truth to us even in the revelation of all the negative scenes of corruption, exploitation, abuse of power, abuse of innocence, hatred toward truth and love, bigotry, prejudice, jealousy, greed and all sorts of evil distortion, we know we are made more than conquerors and the enemy is put beneath our feet by Your Power and Might through ruling over us and forming us in Your Army of Prayer Warriors for the Kingdom  We are so thankful, Father!

We know You are cleansing our assemblies of believers separating the wolves in sheep’s clothing from Your sheep and all those who have twisted Your Word to make their own kingdom that is doomed to fail and fall in this hour.  Lord we have divorced ourselves from any form of marriage or covenant with Baal.  We are ready to follow leaders that You have chosen to lead Your Church to put on the garment of righteousness with spot or wrinkle.  Lord, we stand against any government oversight of Your worshipers through the 501 c3 or any other legal forms that makes Your Remnant to be worldly minded instead of Kingdom minded. Your prophet has spoken in his words of “Purging the Temple!”  We are ready Lord to start anew and bring our lost brothers and sisters who have no shepherd to guide them into the fold.  Just as Your Son, Yeshua longed to replace the senseless shepherds of His day with those  who will truly guide the flock into safe pasture and rest beside peaceful waters and live in brotherly love.

Lord, we long to see more clearly as You see!  To be aware through Your Holy Spirit of what lies ahead in our path and to give us the solutions we need for the issues and circumstance we must confront like immigration, justice for all and a government that truly is for the people and by the people as You formed America!  You have great plans for us so we are here to do Your bidding.  Thank You Lord for first loving us so that as Your children we will love one another.

Again, Lord, we see that You have made us ore than conquerors and You supply everything we nee in our warfare with the enemy.  Continue to bless us with healing our body, mind and spirit!  We are grateful that You are blessing America and its people.  We are here to share and help all those You place in our hearts to care for.  We pray in Yeshua’s Name. Amen!

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