Nov 16, 2020

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Heavenly Father,

We are here to give You Glory, Honor and Praise for all that You have done for us in fulfilling Your Promises spoken through Your Prophets in our day! It is such a blessing to know that You have heard our prayers and accepted our repentance as we have brought it before Your Throne. We are so grateful that You have decreed that Your Anointed will return to office in this battle that is before us. Lord we trust that what has been said will come to pass and we will be patient and willing to do anything You ask us to do that will ensure that Your Promises will be fulfilled. We are so grateful for the Prophets You have sent us to speak the truth and as You promised in the prophet Amos: that You reveal what You are to do through Your prophets and it continues to this day as we are here living in Your Kingdom and we pledge our allegiance to Your Kingdom and all that You have destined us to fulfill.

Father, during these days when there are so many who speak words of confusion and deceit about our elections. Your Word is true we have an anointed for our leadership and no one is to steal, lie or cheat us out of it. That we will see in these days ahead only those who walk in righteousness can proclaim the truth. Lord as these days unfold bless and protect all those who are revealing the truth and are willing to investigate what has happened. Lord give us the strength to remain firm in our allegiance and to speak the truth and not waver from what You have planned for us!

Father, release Your Holy Warrior Angels to protect all of the Judges from the Supreme Court and all those that are Federal judges to act in righteousness and to render judgments that are in accord with Your Holy Will for America! We bind any form of bribery or falsehood that comes against them that these judges will stand for freedom and protecting our votes and decide in accord with the truth and rule against the lie! That we will see Justice return to the land and decisions be made that will protect the innocent from false guilt through false witness. Your Commands/Torah speak it clearly: we are not bear false witness nor listen to the lie and slander against Your anointed. That we stand as a united people seeking life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in harmony with Your Kingdom now and for all eternity!

We speak as the Psalmist says: “Give ear to my words Lord, attend to my sighing. Heed our call for help in this hour! Our King and our God! To you we pray O Lord and You hear our voice and bring our plea to Your throne. For You God do not delight in wickedness and no evil man can stand in Your Presence! The arrogant cannot stand in Your sight! You hate evildoers, You destroy all who speak falsehood! The blood thirsty and deceitful You will not listen to them. But because of Your abundant kindness we can enter Your courst with praise so we are able to worship You in Your Holy Temple! Because of our enemies O Lord guide us into Your Justice make straight Your Way before us! Punish O God those who have no sincerity and their heart teems with treachery. Their throat is an open grave using their tongue to flatter the evil ones. Punish them O God cast the out for their many sins have shown their rebellion against You! But let us who take refuge in You be glad and praise You forever! Protect us that we may be the Joy in Your heart! O Lord bless the just man and surround him with the shield of Your Good Will.”

Father, we are so grateful that You have called and appointed s to live in such a time as this! May we always be in harmony with You and one another as Your Son, Yeshuah has called us to be and even prayed over us to be! Amen and Alleluia!

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