May 7, 2020

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Heavenly Father,

We come before You with a humble contrite heart, seeking forgiveness of even the slightest worry or doubt in us about You and Your Love for us!   Father often we show You are weakness especially in public where we often fear to say that You are only means of salvation and all of our blessings.  Too many times we have failed to say boldly that Jesus is Lord!  Or because of political correctness to take a stand about important issues to speak out to defend the truth or to say no to words spoken against what we truly believe.  Father forgive us for not using our voice to defend the Truth or to stop vicious gossip or slander against our Faith, our Country, our President or even to say no to abortion or to correct wrongs that have been unjustly brought against the innocent.  Lord forgive us too when we have hid our head in the sand when it comes to hearing about things like child trafficking and other perversions like homosexuality.  Afraid we hurt somebody’s feelings and yet Your Word is clear and has bee in the Scriptures for over 3000 years!  Lord, we are here now to change that and shout from the roof tops Jesus is Lord and that the convicting power of the Holy Spirit sweep across the land so that we repent of sin and live in righteousness!

Father, we intercede for Justice to return to our Judiciary!  That the exposition of those who have taken the bribe or shown favoritism instead of just decisions be brought to impeachment and removed from the bench.  Lord, we know that Jesus fought against the legalism of the Pharisees in  regards to the Torah, your Commands for Your people Israel.  Lord even in our day we have to fight the spirit of legalism even in our worship assemblies.  How we judge others and hold them to a standard we  do not even want for ourselves.  We repent Lord, just as Your Son taught that we take the beam out of our own eye before we help remove the speck in our bother’s eye.  Lord that we have the vision to see as You see and to be close to Your Heart in all we do for others.  Yes, Lord that we are holy as You are Holy!  We are made holy by the Blood of Your Son as He washes us clean of all sin as we are before the Cross and repent and seek forgiveness so that we will love our neighbor as ourselves!  Thank You Jesus for what You have done for us and made us restored into Your Father’s family!

Father in this time of transition back to opening our country for work and serving others through what we chosen to do may our hearts be generous and seek to truly assist those in need the poor, the widow and the orphan.  That we will walk boldly in Faith against any fear even fear that this virus will return or fear that we can breathe freely and walk in Divine health.  Lord, we are under Your Divine will to make us a nation set apart for the kingdom and that we will walk under the mind of Christ Jesus to see one another as worthy and that we have been bought at a great price and our God is mighty to bring down any strong hold of the enemy.  We serve You Lord for Your are so awesome and filled with power and might and we repent of making Satan into a god who rivals You.  We have been foolish to believe the imagination that shows us in movies, books and other tales that the devil is like you: omnipresent and all powerful!  All of it lies and we have been foolish to ignore the fact that Jesus has already defeated our enemy and given us all the authority we need to set the captive free, heal the sick, open the eyes of the blind and to bind up the wounds of the hurt and discouraged.  For we are made Holy and Pure by Your Blood and have a Hope in us with joy that no one can take  from us.  O Lord it is a happy day that You have made us whole and we are in a day of miracles that are before us at this very moment! Alleluia!

Father, that in this day as the Hammer of Justice falls on those who are corrupt and have lived lives of selfishness and greed that we will see a return and recompense from them of a seven fold return.  That we will see this is golden age of jubilee as restoration and return of Justice and Liberty is happening.  That the demise of the wicked is Justice for the righteous!  Thank You Father that we are here to know You intimately as You know us that even before You formed us in our mother’s womb You knew us and even then had great plans for us and we are in this time to fulfill what You have written in our book!  That You have rigged everything in our favor  we have nothing to fear for You are with us and will never leave us or forsake us for Your Love is everlasting. Praise Glory and honor be to You in the name of Jesus and in Unity of the holy Spirit! Amen

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