Jul 19, 2019

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Heavenly Father,

With a humble, contrite spirit we come before You in complete trust for You are the Best Dad we could ever ask for.  You have given us the Best!  Your Son Yeshuah is the greatest and best Gift we could ever imagine.  He alone has shown us how much You love us and in fact You love us just as much as Your Son now that we have accepted Him as our Lord and Savior.  There is no one else that we want to imitate or be like in this wonderful life You have given us.  Father we are so grateful to be called a part of Your family here on earth and connected to You Heavenly Reign over us here on earth as it is in heaven!

Father during this sacred time that we Your Strike Force of Prayer have set aside to intercede for our nation and other nations that are aligned with us, we seek to be protected from all the assaults of the enemy.  Keep us off his radar and silence his frequencies from interfering with our communication.  Lord that all they have planned against us fall on them in his camp.

Lord keep us from falling into the traps they set for us by distorting the news we hear or the disinformation thrown at us daily.  Lord we are here to listen to Your Heart and to follow the Commands You give us in the battle we find before us today.  We know we will be victorious because Yeshuah has told us in the world there will be trouble but have no fear I have overcome the world.  It is so and we accept it!

Father, we intercede to bring even stronger protection for our President Trump and all those around him whom he can truly trust.  Lord we are so blessed to have a man of Your choosing and anointing to fight for us and to lead us into the future that You have planned for us and have revealed through your prophets of our day.  Lord our President is constantly under attack for all that he does and so much criticism and nit picking of how he does things.

Lord this Army of Prayer Warriors stand with him as he boldly tells the truth in the way he expresses it.  Lord continue to open more forms of communication so that more Americans see how blessed we are!  Lord even his confronting of his enemies is a sign that the Holy Spirit hovers over him to give him Wisdom and genius to confound those who think they are wise with there schemes to destroy America and distort our history and heritage.

Lord as President has said we say too if you hate this country then go back to where you came from!  Lord we truly seek the separation of those who are for us from those who hate us and are against us.  Just as You made Israel of old a sign for the nations to receive Your Messiah, Yeshuah, use us the United States of America as shining Light to say Jesus is Lord!

Father, here in America there is such division among those who are liberal in their approach from those who are traditional and follow Your Ways.  Lord we do bless our enemies and hope for their salvation, but we do not stand for the ideas that truly are based on bigotry and all forms of perversion that are against You Law & Commands.  Father one of the burdens is this whole idea of sanctuary cities and/or states. A true distortion of what You gave Israel long ago.

It is not to protect the illegal and the criminal as it is being played out here in America.  Lord we cry out for Justice and living by the true laws of our nation based on the Constitution and founding documents.  Lord they are causing chaos and unrest by this distortion.  Lord we seek an end to this awaken us to reject this and return to a safer and saner way in which to live under Your reign of the Kingdom her on earth.

Lord, another burden we carry is how we have been oppressed financially by those who are lording it over us in our monetary system.  We seek to have this whole debacle of taxation and deceitful use of money to burden Americans with paying for things that are not right or truly found in Your Scriptures.  Lord, we look to You as our provident care and source for all that we have and steward, so that a truly honest means of payment for labor is in place.

That those who are liars, cheats and deceivers be exposed and have them suffer the consequences of their greedy and evil means that have oppressed us fall on them and that a true restoration 7 be given to those who stand in righteousness and Divine Favor happen now!  Lord, continue to restore to us what has been stolen so that we can give to You what is Your due in our tithes and offerings to truly be used to help the poo, the needy, the widow and the orphan.

Just as in the Acts that none went without being taken care of.  Lord thank You for the new vision that is unfolding among us like the home gatherings and the use of the talents of this Army to spread the Kingdom and share what You have given us so that we are a blessing unto all who need a touch of love and mercy.

Father, we know this is time of true freedom being restored to us that we are being taken out of the Babylonian captivity we have been in by the deceivers and puppets of the deep state have driven us into.  But now Lord You have set the captive free and when You set us free, we are free indeed!  Thank You for all you are bringing forth in our day.  We give You all the Glory, Honor and Praise in Yeshuah’s Name. Amen!

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