Apr 29, 2020

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Heavenly Father,

We are here under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, He stirs us to pray even when words do not come to us in what to say.  We trust Him the great Gift You have given us when Your Son returned to His position at Your Right hand!  We re so grateful for the Gift of the Holy Spirit for He reveals to us all truth even the smallest dot of truth to all that is being revealed even in this moment.  We are here before You, Father with confidence for we have been cleansed by the Blood of Yeshuah/Jesus  and with the out prouring of the Holy Spirit in our midst we are now ready to walk out of the pause that has been placed upon us during these days.  We are so grateful like the children of Israel of old that we will walk out of the captivity we have been under for so long and we will be ready for the Awakening that is happening here in America and will flow into Israel and across the nations of the earth.  It is a glorious time that You have set us in Father!  Praise to you for all that we are to be a part of and see in our day.  No matter what the enemy has planned it will not work for as Your Son told us the gates of hell will not prevail against us in Your kingdom come now!

Father, we pray for the cleansing of our minds of all thoughts that bring us fear or confusion or chaos as we want to see as You see and take on the mind of Christ Jesus! We decree that we are free from any thoughts of rejection, offense or hatred brought against us by any adversary we face or rises up to do us harm or try to stop us from our Journey of Faith and trust in You! Lord, if there are any among us who feel as if they are a leper that it be removed and that they experience and know the Love You have for them.  That they are created in Your image and that You will never leave them or forsake them even if they have felt rejections from their own fathers or mother that You are here and You take them up in Your loving arms and hold them close just as mother holds her child or father hugs his child.  Lord that all Your children will come to know Your love and that Your heart breaks when You see  any of Your children walk away from the Perfect Will You have for them to fulfill.  Father now is the time of the Great Awakening of all who seek the truth and want to worship You in spirit and truth!

Father we continue to bring before You president Trump and all those You have anointed to lead us in this time of a pause in our life but the restoration that is opening up will be one now set with You as the center of all that You have planned for us!  We are grateful for this time that we have to take stock of what really matters to us our families and those whom we cherish and treasure as gifts from You! Father erase from us all the words of scandal and gossip that we hear from those who hate president Trump, yes even among those who say they are Christians.  O Lord bring the convicting power of the Holy Spirit upon them that that they may face their sinfulness and repent!  That we will see the change in the media as the prophets have spoken that we will have journalists and reporters who will arise and spread the truth and speak of the good things we need to hear in this hour!  To hear of the miracles that are already taking place and are unfolding around us because of the prayers we raise and the repentance we have brought before You!  Lord this is a time wonderful and awesome to behold and be a part of!

Father, we also pray to day for the land of Israel and its people as they remember and celebrate the Memorial all of those who have fought to defend their nation and remember the day when the miracle happened as Your prophecy unfolded that a nation would be born overnight!  Lord, that there will be an out pouring of the Holy Spirit in the land of Israel that will show the earth that this is Your sacred Land and it is the center of Your plan that we will see the peace of Jerusalem come quickly and

that it is all part of Your plan for the great harvest and preparation of the coming return of  Your Son as King and ruler over all the earth. Glory to You, Father for all that is unfolding before us!

Father, we express to You our thanksgiving for the passing over of this virus, this plague that has been loosed upon the earth to control us and make us laves to those who have greedy plans to become the gods who rule when there is only One God There is only One Lord!  There is only One You  Father!  We give You glory honor and praise in the Name of your Son, Jesus and in the unity of the Holy Spirit! Amen!

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