Apr 23, 2020

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Heavenly Father,

We come before You seeking Your Will and to be willing members of Your Army of Prayer Warriors to do our part in this Battle to defend the Kingdom and spread the Good News of Salvation here and around the world!  Release Your Holy Angels to surround us and to protect us from all attacks of the enemy here and abroad!  We are thankful for all that You have done for us in our day. Give us new strategies to overpower those who will not listen or repent of their evil ways.  Lord, we are here to intercede for them and to seek the Holy Spirit’s convicting power so that their eyes are open and they are ready for what You are about to do in this hour.  We are preparing our hearts to be ready to be a part of the Harvest You have begun and so will follow the assignments You have given us no matter how small or great.  We know that it is all for Your Glory!

Father we seek the guidance of Your Holy Spirit that we may discern who to listen to and who to avoid.  We are here Lord with so many voices saying this and that about what is going on in the world, all we want is to be aligned with Your Word and to follow those who are anointed to lead us in these days. Lord, You are the author of life and Your Will is for us to prosper and belive the abundant Life Your Son has given us by His Mighty Acts of Love and the greatest Miracle of all the Rising from the Dead on the 8th day the New Beginning and the new Creation which we now are a part of by our Faith in Him.  Thank You Lord for the Great Awakening that is happening now in our day.  A movement of the Holy Spirit that is so awesome and will not be stopped by any man but all for Your Glory!

Father continue to cover our president Trump, his family and all those who are truly his friends and co-workers in bringing forth an America that is A Kingdom nation and gives You Glory and Honor! We know we are not a perfect people and there continue to be parts of our land that are under a spiritual tyranny of those who are led astray by evil influences and choices, but through our repentant prayers this will change and You will use it to show forth Your Power and Might  For there is no God like you no matter how fearful we become or think that we have an enemy that is a powerful god, it is not true.  It is all apart of the lies we have been taught by man and not found in Your Word.  Lord give us new leaders who have Your Heart as their source of direction for us!  Men and women who are righteous and seek Your heart above all else.  Bless those who are arising in our day not afraid to speak and say the Truth and to reveal that which is sin and that which is good!  No longer a weak word but a Word filled with Holy Spirit conviction and revelation so that we are fulfilling Your Perfect Will for us!

Father give us eyes to see as You see that we will know them by the fruit they bare that they are a part of the good tree You have planted!  Father that we will have a re-start now in America that we will have our priorities straight to know that serving You is most important to love those You have given us to care and cherish as our family, to see one another as children that need a father and mother to protect them and guide them into the way of peace and brotherly love, so that we can say to all who see us be imitators of me as I am of Christ Jesus!

Father today we especially intercede of our brothers and sisters in Israel as they remember the days of the Holocaust that it will be a time to see that the Messiah has already come as Jesus Your Son.  That as they read and pray the Scriptures that their eyes be open and their hearts even though wounded will see that Your Son is the balm of Gilead that they seek.  That one day soon we will truly fulfill the prayer of Your Son that we will be one as You and Your Son are one.  That we will all know Your love for us is never ending and You will never leave us or forsake us all we need do is repent and accept Jesus/Yeshuah as our Savior and Lord! Thank You Father, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven Amen! 

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